10 Budapest Airbnb Apartments That Will Make You Swoon

Budapest has always been one of my favourite cities. I’ll never forget walking along the Danube for the first time with my suitcase in one hand and my scarf in the other. I had just arrived from a night train and was groggy and caffeine deprived. But as soon as I saw the sun reflecting off the water I new that this was going to be a place that took my heart.


Since then I have been looking at apartments because who knows, maybe one day I’ll be moving there myself! But until then I have been dreaming about my next trip and of course, my next apartment rental. And instead of telling you about all the cute Budapest Airbnb apartments I found to rent I’ve decided to show you! PS if you decided to book use my referral link  😉



Here are 10 of the prettiest Budapest Airbnb Apartments!



budapest airbnb apartment

Your home in the Castle District

This gorgeous Budapest Airbnb goes for $52 a night. I love the floor pattern and how bright and airy it is! I honestly think I’m going to use that flooring in my own apartment, it is so stunning. And perfect for pictures 😛


budapest airbnb apartment

Large apartement, 2rooms, kitchen

Probably one of my favourite Budapest Airbnb on here. This stunning apartment goes for $92 a night. I love everything about this beautiful Budapest apartment! Especially those gorgeous white doors. They’re to die forrr.


budapest airbnb apartment

Sunny studio in 5th district

I don’t know how this place is going for $55 a night but it is! Look at that pillar! I’ve never seen anything like it!


budapest apartment

@OPERA – Classy studio

I think big windows will get me every time. I mean how incredible would it be to look out the window of this Budapest Airbnb, coffee in hand, ready for the day? And who wouldn’t love this cute space near the Opera House? This place goes for $71 a night which is a steal!


budapest apartment

Old-meets-New in Bright City Center

I think I will be redecorating my home after seeing this apartment. I love the wood furnishings and all the detail in the design of the apartment. It really is old meets new! Can you believe it’s only $87 a night??


budapest apartment


I love that this place comes with two bikes! How cute! This apartment is going for $95 a night. A perfect stay for a travelling couple.


budapest apartments

Elizabeth 2 – Free Bikes + iMac 27

Yes my friends.. That is a bathtub beside the bed! I have never seen anything like that before! Especially for such an Earthly looking apartment. This cute place is going for $88 a night!


budapest apartment

Classic artsy home near the centre

One of the more artistic apartments on this list that I can’t help but love. As an artist I love all the quirky details as well as those gorgeous windows. And floors. This place is only $46 a night! Perfect for a budget trip without sacrificing style.


budapest apartment

Rooftop Atelier Apt.- Cozy & Lovely

Cozy & lovely are perfect worlds to describe this apartment. I love how cute and Instagram ready the place is! And that balcony.. What more could you want for $46 a night? Just imagine having coffee there while enjoying the fact that you’re in Budapest! Maybe a glass of wine.. some bread.. what could be more perfect?


budapest apartment

President Suite Apartment

President Suite is right! This has to be the most luxurious and grand apartment on this list! It is defiantly a splurge rental but with such beauty and unique design how could you say no? This stunning building is romantic and rustic – two of my favourite things. Perfect for a family vacation as well! This place costs $412 a night.




I hope you liked this list! Let me know if you’d like to see more post like this because I loved making it!

I do not own any of these photos or claim to own any of them. This was an unpaid post as well! I just really loved these apartments and wanted to share them with you! 

Also you can use my Airbnb credit! Get $50 travel credit when you sign up using my referral!

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Which ones your favourite? 





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  • Reply
    April 20, 2017 at 7:16 am

    My husband travels to Budapest for work often, so this is a great resource! They’re all so beautiful. Maybe I’ll get to tag along next time 😉

  • Reply
    May 28, 2016 at 12:08 pm

    Budapest is definitely on my list, my brother has been a few times and he loves it!

    • Reply
      The Fernweh Wolf
      May 29, 2016 at 7:15 am

      That’s awesome! You’ll love Budapest as I’m sure you’re brother has told you! If you go check out Mosaics Cafe it’s really cheap and yummy!


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