10 Cliche Things To Do In Paris That Are Still Awesome

I think the most cliche city on Earth has to be Paris! Or at least the most known and well movied (not a word I know) place on Earth. When you think of Paris I bet you think of countless cliches that all involve love, romance and food. That’s a cliche that I’d be happy to live in!

Like most people I have always dreamed of going to Paris. The architecture, the pastries, the elusive French women that seemed to have it all figured out. Coming from the countryside in Canada I never really thought it was an option for me to go to Paris. I didn’t have worldly family and was always on my own. But after some soul searching (and Google) I finally took the plunge and booked my flight! I have been to Paris twice now. Once with my mom and once with my boyfriend for Valentines Day (so cliche I know!) and I can tell you I have done everything on this list at least twice! Some because of Aaron, me being his little guide, and some because they were so amazing I had to do them again. Like The Louvre for instance!

Because I am a hopeless romantic and think cliches are cute, I have put together my 10 favourite cliche things to do in Paris. Sometimes it’s okay to be a cliche!


10 cliche things to do in paris


10 Cliche Things To Do In Paris (That Are Still Awesome)


Go up the Eiffel Tower – Probably the most cliche thing you can do in Paris is go up the Eiffel Tower. It’s surrounded by tourists, the line is long but trust me, the view is worth it. A must do in Paris!


Eat a croissant with jam – I have my mom to thank for making me try a croissant in Paris. I had no idea that they were a French thing so my mouth was watering as I took my first bite of a croissant when I was having breakfast in St. Germain. And the best part was I got two little containers of different kinds of jams to try it with! The yummiest cliche there is!




Spend a few hours in the Louvre – I wish this wasn’t a cliche. It is so beautiful on the inside and museums and history shouldn’tttttttt be a cliche but alas, this is kind of a cliche thing to do in Paris. My favourite part about the Louvre is the sculptures area and particularly “The Kiss” that features a girl and an angel. It’s so beautiful and lures me in every time.


Climb the stairs of Arc De Triumph – These tight and swirly stairs are congested with people and make me dizzy but the view is so worth it. I’m a bit of an oddball and pretty sure I have vertigo and claustrophobia because I was stuck behind some veryyyyy slowwww people and could feel my heart start to race but I did it! Twice *insert cool glasses guy emoji*. You can see Sacre-Coeur, the Eiffel Tower and the beautiful buildings of Paris from up here! Worth the climb for this cliche view of Paris.



10 cliche things to do in paris


Drink hot chocolate at Angelina – It’s like drinking a melted chocolate bar. So delicious and completely worth the calories! Be like me and buy one to take home for a rainy day. Also make sure it’s not boiling hot when you take a sip because Aaron and I did and you cannot cool off molten melted chocolate in your mouth. You have to wait the burning out which was a delicious/painful experience.


Go shopping at Galleries Lafayette – Probably the most beautiful shopping mall I have ever been in! The design is astounding and you can go onto the roof! You’ll find high end designers as well as things that are slightly more affordable for peasants like me in Topshop or Urban Outfitters.


Find the Notre Dame and then climb it – Just outside of St. Germain this gorgeous church has a place in my heart. It always reminds me of The Hunchback Of Notre Dame and for the longest time I thought Cuasimodo was real. I wanted to be Esmerelda so bad I would dress up as her for Halloween! (Lure men in with my exotic dance *insert silly emoji*)


10 cliche things to do in Paris


Get your wine on – I’m not an alcoholic I swear! I just appreciate a good glass of white wine in beautiful cities with some baguette to munch on. Do this on a patio and you’re golden!


Stroll among the Seine Rive – And look through the Bouquinistes. I think this is one of the most lovely walks among Paris. The river stroll is even more lovely when the weather cooperates because if anyone has been to Paris you will know their weather is less than consistent. I saw sun, rain, snow and then a heatwave in one day here.


Eat as many crepes as you can – Actually this goes for most treats in Paris. Macaroons, jam, pies.. It’s all delicious. At first I would be sheepish about telling Aaron I wanted another, we had just started dating and I was self conscious about eating more than him. Turns out we were both embarrassed at how hungry we were all the time so getting crepes as snacks became a regular thing, much to my hips dismay 😛



I know there is so much more to do in Paris but these are my favourite things I will always recommend people go do! What are some of your recommendations? Do you like doing the cliche touristy things?

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  • Reply
    Andrea Cain
    April 18, 2017 at 7:05 am

    Thanks for the ideas. I am from Germany but always wanted to visit Paris. Awesome post!

  • Reply
    Ella @ Wide-Eyed Wanderer
    April 7, 2016 at 6:35 am

    I love Paris so much, I could visit 20 times and never get bored 🙂 And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with cliches. Sometimes I think that cliches become cliches because of how amazing\true those things were in the first place. We climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower (a cliche haha) but it was one of the best experiences I had! Seeing the city below was amazing 🙂


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