10 Ways To De-Stress From Life

Stress is ruining my life.


With my birthday coming up and the New Years I can’t help stressing out about my future. Everything about it is so uncertain right now and it’s playing mind games on me.


What am I doing with my life? Where am I going? What have I accomplished? Did I loose any weight? Why do my clothes suck? How am I going to pay for all my trips? How am I suppose to create a future with myself? Am I doing enough?


The list of things I am stressed out about is endless.


I guess I’ve always been a stressed out person beneath my quiet exterior which seems strange to people because all they see is a quite girl and don’t really understand that my mind is racing 24/7.


Stress affects your sleep, your body, your mind. It affects everything and unfortunately it’s all negative.


Stress ages you, makes your hair fall out, gives you more fat around your stomach, raises your blood pressure, affects your sleep cycle and makes you anxious. It’s a total nightmare if it gets out of control.


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I am not the best person yet at de-stressing but I am reminding myself more and more to take a breath and relax because being stressed out is not going to do anything helpful for you.


Here is what I’m doing right now to de-stress from lifebecause life isn’t meant to be lived this wound up.



Take a long bath or shower. I can’t stand baths so what I like to do is turn on a hot shower and lay down and let the water hit my stomach. Nothing is more relaxing and calming than just listening to the water fall and breathing in the steam


Breathe. Cliché I know but something I learned from meditation is that you are never going to be able to completely calm your mind but you can pull your mind back into calmness by breathing. Take a deep breathe and focus your mind of the feeling of the air going through the bottom tip of your nostrils and then breath in, then out, and repeat, always focusing on the bottom tip of your nostrils. You don’t have to be pro right away but taking 5 minutes off from your day and just breathing gives you mind time to calm down


Start running. Or take up another form of cardio exercise that occupies your mind. When I stopped running I could feel how wound up I would start getting and how frustrated I would be and couldn’t figure out why. Finally I realized what it was because the reason I started running in the first place to calm my mind and when I stopped it I felt it. Make sure you pick an activity you like though or the effects won’t be the same


Read a book. Again, I don’t know why, but I used to read all the time. Everyday. But when I started working outside in the sun all day I was just beat and tired and didn’t think to read. But now that I am more de-stress conscious I started reading again and it gives the mind time to relax. Maybe just don’t pick a scary book like I did


Bake something. I’ve said this before in my posts but when I get upset or stressed out I find baking is really enjoyable. Plus you get to eat the after product and who doesn’t like that! Try my Pumpkin Cookie Dough recipe for something easy and healthy!


Write what you’re feeling down. Writing things down is a proven way to help get your thoughts straight and take some burden off you. Kind of like how you need to tell a friend about how something crazy just happened


Watch a good movie. Movies are great. Nothing’s better than finally watching a good movie that pulls you in right away. Scope out some movies and invite a friend over!


Let go of things you can’t control. I hate flying. But I can’t let the fear of the unknown stop me from getting on the plane because I would never be able to experience all the beautiful things in the world. Let go of your fears of the unknown and don’t be so hard on yourself


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Focus on what you have accomplished. Even if you aren’t where you want to be right now doesn’t mean you will never be there! Most of us are just fumbling around and still have no idea what we’re doing but what we can do is look back at what we have done and be proud of that. Even the little things like moving out or passing that exam you thought you tanked


Get outside. It is proven science that people who are outside more are more content in life and are overall happier. We are meant to be in nature. We were born of this Earth, on this Earth, so I think in our DNA we are naturally more calm by nature because it’s home

How do you de-stress from life? What are some of your tips to stay stress free? Share your tips in the comments! 

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