15 Best Jobs For Wanderlusters

Fresh you, fresh start, fresh job?


Trying to find the best jobs for wanderlusters isn’t that hard to do anymore. We are so well connected we have a million options available to us. Still though, it’s nice to have a big list of choices right in front of you. For us travellers having the freedom to do what we love is at the top of our priority list when it comes to finding a job. We want flexibility, a good wage and above all else – Freedom.

Without the freedom to move around or have enough time off to travel wanderlusters feel cooped up and trapped. What is this 2 weeks off a year thing? What do you mean I don’t have enough vacation time? Why did you decline my time off request? What is this real job you speak of?

The good news is there are sooo many people out there like us! For us travel bitten wanderlusters finding the best jobs for travellers isn’t all that hard anymore. The world we live in is constantly expanding and becoming more and more connected! Scroll down for the best jobs for travel 🙂




Flight Attendant – Probably the most popular answer for jobs that allow you to travel almost daily. Flight attendants get to travel the sky to exotic and fancy locations. And get paid to do it!


Pilot – A lot more stressful than a flight attendant and requires more extensive training but being a pilot is so rewarding. Imagine flying the plane with nothing but beautiful sky before you. Not to mention all the other perks that comes with being a top of the line pilot.


Travel Agent – Become the link between travellers and their destination! Find hotels, airlines, agencies; everything that someone would need in order to get to their desired destination. And to get all this knowledge you need to experience hotels and countries first hand so you know they’re getting the best from a truthful recommendation.


Instructor – Are you a certified dive or yoga instructor? Do you want to be? Look at job openings around the world and use your skills to land you a job! Teaching yoga in Germany sounds pretty cool right?


Freelancing – Do you have something you can sell? Can you make something? Maybe it’s photography, writing, having accountant skills, or are you a great hair dresser? Those are all skills you can use to freelance your way around the world. It is not unheard of to set up a hairdressing shop (dorm room) and cut hair for a fee. Make sure you ask the hostel owners if this is okay before hand to avoid any trouble!


Graphic / Web Design – Email or Skype clients to help them build their dream design. All while doing so in the comfort of an exotic location or sitting in a fancy room in Rio. It’s all up to you as long as you have a clientele and time management skills.


Teach English – Or what ever language you can! Be a teachers aide in places like Spain or Thailand and assist them in teaching English.


Fruit Picking – When I was in Australia I was amazed at the amount of fruit picking jobs they had for backpackers! Some places even included lodging and food in exchange for your fruit picking services.


Work in a Hostel – Hostels need help too and if you know a few languages even better! Catch some shifts while you travel so your bank account isn’t completely depleting.


Actor / Actress – You can never aim too high because if you don’t try you’ll never know where it might lead! Check out the cast of Game of Thrones (greatest series ever) and how being casted into those amazing roles has jump started all of their careers!


Blogging – Ah blogging. My love. Blogging is probably my favourite job for travellers because you have all the freedom you want! Blogging takes a lot of work and a lot of hours and depletes your social life but if you are consistent, persistent and work hard at it you can make blogging your full time income!


Sell Products Online – Have a talent or can make something people like? Get on it! Open up an Etsy Shop or sell artwork on Society6 like I do! If you love doing something then why not see if that can’t be your ticket to freedom? Check out Sophia Amoruso book #GirlBoss and how she started her empire on ebay!


Bartender / Barista – Who doesn’t love an exotic server. Become a master of drinks and try your luck at tourist spots and earn a wage and tips!


Au Pair – Becoming a live in nanny. Find yourself a family who will not only take care of your food, lodging but also get a wage! Some nannies only work 2 days a week and have the rest of the time to travel and explore while they get paid. (Must love children)


Cruise or Yacht – Work on the water onboard fancy cruise ships or yachts. If you’re a water lover than this is a great way to travel and soak up the sun. Who doesn’t want to set sail across the Mediterranean?[/vc_column_text]


Do you know any other jobs travellers would love? Write them down in the comments so I can add them as bonus jobs! Sharing is caring!

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  • Reply
    Shasmine Cianne
    March 20, 2016 at 4:14 pm

    Wonderful! i think i would teach english and spanish, work as an au pair, as a graphic designer, as a actress or blogging. This post is awesome. 😀

    • Reply
      March 21, 2016 at 1:39 pm

      Thank you! Ooo all of those would be awesome choices! Actress and blogging are my favourite ideas :]

  • Reply
    January 4, 2016 at 9:40 pm

    Love your blog and lifestyle! I would love to be able to travel as much as you do but i seriously don’t know how to make money to afford that. How do you manage to do that?? Great blog and keep traveling!

    Cheers from Peru

    • Reply
      January 7, 2016 at 4:23 pm

      Thank you! It’s not easy to save up money for travelling but it’s doable! Just take a long time! I have a post about saving if you want to read it but the gist is I worked a lot and started prioritizing my spending and staying at crappy hostels instead of fancy hotels :]
      That’s amazing you’re in Peru that’s such a big dream of mine to go there!!
      Thanks Lucia


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