15 Rules To Live By To Follow Your Dreams

I think the hardest part about blogging is explaining to people that you have a blog. I feel like people think posts just come out of thin air and you magically have edited photos and all of this only takes minutes. Wrong. Blogging takes hours of work and dedication and it takes up a lot of your social life. Especially as travel bloggers we are constantly saving and researching new adventures. We just don’t stop!


And I am protective of my blog. Some people go, “It’s just a blog.” And I go, “It’s just a baby.” Because Fernweh is my baby. I spend countless hours on Fernweh and spent my summer finding my voice. Fernweh is my passion.


This year has already started out better than expected. But it’s not because I’m letting things happen to me. It’s because I’m making them happen. I am sacrificing my time, my energy and my social life because this is what I love to do. So it never feels like work even though it is work none the less.


15 Rules To Live By To Follow Your Dreams

rules to live by to follow your dreams


  15 Rules To Live By To Follow Your Dreams 


Things won’t be handed to you, you need to go out and get them

Stay determined, you only lose when you quit

You didn’t fail a 1000 times, you found a 1000 ways that didn’t work



“Experience is a hard teacher because

she gives the test first,

the lesson afterwards.”

– Oscar Wilde



If it doesn’t scare you, your dreams aren’t big enough

You get out what you put in



“If you really want to do something,

you’ll find a way.

If you don’t,

you’ll find an excuse.”

– Jim Rohn



Kindness is a universal language

Stay true to yourself, there’s no one else like you

Bring something new to the table, never stop being creative

Never stop perfecting yourself, but never be unrelatable

If you start wanting to jump don’t, something bigs about to happen

Love unconditionally, the world has enough hate

If you want something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done

Embrace change, but never forget where you came from

Never stop learning new skills, knowledge is a lifelong skill

Take time to step back, and acknowledge how far you’ve come



Hope you enjoyed this post! I know I love finding motivation and inspiration! What are your favourite quotes? Do you have any rules to live by?

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