20 Blissful Things To Look Forward To This Fall

I’ve never been a summer girl.


You’re hot, you’re sticky, the car seat burns your back and the sun spots your skin giving you freckles everywhere. Fall on the other hand is completely bundle-in-the-comfiest-clothes-that-make-people-question-if-you’re-wearing-pants weather.


Fall is perfect for everything. It’s the cheapest time to travel because everyone is back to school and back to work. It also allows you to travel in comfort! As in you don’t have to contemplate how involved you’re going to be in the free-the-nipple revolution that’s happening because your tank top is sticking to your back making you question clothes. I know a few times, especially in Italy, I was like, “Yup, today is the day.”


I’m sure there’s a few sun bunnies out there who disagree with me and trust me when I say I wish I could enjoy the summer as much as you! After 9 months of winter in my hometown in Canada I crave some summer heat. But I still enjoy when I feel the air cooling down and the days getting shorter. Maybe it’s because I’m a December baby and was born for the snow. Whatever the reason, for us snow bunnies, fall means comfy clothes, yummy warm drinks, cuddling up with a book and smelling the crisp fall air. And purchasing a few plane tickets..!


In this fast paced world I think we forget to enjoy the little things in life which is what Fernweh is about. My reader/internet friend Zoe reminded me of that. Even I get caught up in the race and forget to appreciate the little things that we become so numb to. When it’s summer we wish for fall, when it’s fall we wish for summer. Humans really are quite fussy!


And most importantly for me fall is the time where I travel the most and am most inspired. I have complete freedom in the fall and it’s where my creativity thrives! So with all this said here are 20 blissful things to look forward to this fall!


20 blissful things to look forward to this fall

20 Blissful Things To Look Forward To This Autumn



The smell of crisp fall leaves

Pumpkin spiced everything is coming out

Travelling is cheaper at this time

You can wear chunky knit sweaters

Oversized sweaters are now dresses with tights underneath

It’s not to hot out

It’s not to cold out

Fashion is at it’s prime

Any destination is a romantic destination in the fall

Halloween is around the corner

You can get lost in a corn maze

The leaves will look so gorgeous with all their colours

This is the most inspiring time of the year for creatives

You can cozy up with a cup of coffee by a window and watch the fog

You can bundle up with a good book by the fire place (or candle!)

Baking pumpkin spiced cookies

Burning pretty scented candles

It’s cuddle weather!

Chunky boots replace flipflops

Your photos will look so nice with all the fall colours

Wearing scarves that are bigger than your head!



What are you looking forward to this fall?! Are you a snow bunny or sun bunny? Share in the comments below! 

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