29 Things You Should Probably Know About Thailand

I have been dreaming of going to Thailand since I can remember. The beaches, the forests, the elephants, the adventures.. it all seemed too magical. I couldn’t wait to finally be boarding the plane to paradise.


Knowing that Thailand’s standards are lower than the Canadian standards that I’m used to, I made sure to research all there is to know in order to be the most prepared I could be before diving into a completely different country. But- what I’ve learned is you can read all about a countries do’s and dont’s and there are still things that are going to be missed or overlooked. In saying that I have created a list of “need to knows” in hopes of keeping the surprises to a minimum.


So heres 29 things you should know about Thailand:

  • Everything is about a quarter of the asking price at the markets. And sometimes lower


  • Bring toilet paper with you everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Thailand has poor plumbing so most places won’t supply toilet paper expecting you to use the “bum gun”


  • Same goes for soap


  • Beware of Tuk Tuk’s on Koh San Road in Bangkok. They’ll say they’re taking you to three attractions like the standing and reclining Buddha for 20-60 Baht but really they just want to drop you off at a suit shop while they “get gas.”  Besides they’ll take you to the wrong locations anyways


  • If you need help ask the military. They were the most honest people I met in Bangkok


  • Learn how to bargain. Don’t be shy you’ll get used to it.


  • If you walk away from a vendor because they are still asking too much they will usually lower the price even more or sell it for your asking price.


  • Don’t. Drink. The tap water.


  • And don’t buy water from street vendors. You don’t know if there are just reused bottles.


  • Cover your shoulders and knees in the temples and monasteries or you might have to pay to borrow a sarong


  • You shouldn’t eat peeled fruits or raw veggies. Everything is hit or miss when it comes to where the food has been washed or where the utensils have been washed since the water isn’t clean. Most foreigners stomachs can’t handle it and will get stomach cramps or T.D!


  • Mangos in Thailand are the best in the world. Eat your heart out!


  • Saying thank you: Male – Kob Khun Kran / Female – Kob Khun Ka


  • Saying hello in Thai is Sawatdee-Ka for women and Sawatdee-Khrap for men


  • If you can afford it go on private or customizable tours. With most tours they squeeze a lot into a short of amount of time making it hard to enjoy all the beauty. Especially when it comes to island tours 


  • People don’t stand in lines. Instead they crowd around budding in front of you. It took a while of being budded and cut off to realize this is just how people are


  • Get used to having people in your “bubble.” The personal space line does not exist


  • Don’t take peoples word if they say an attraction is closed for the day; chances are they’re lying and using this tactic to try to “suggest” other places which earn them a commission. I chose not to believe one lady and went to the temple anyways which was still open and buzzing with people


  • The food and ice are usually fine in restaurants or hotels


  • There is this smell.. It varies from magical smelling incense one minute to the over whelming smell of pungent sewage the next


  • Get a Thai massage. They’re cheap and amazing (but be warned it may feel like they’re trying to rip you apart)


  • You will get bombarded with “Suit, suit.” and “Tuk, tuk, tuk tuk.” in busy places as well as  “massagggeee.”


  • Your food won’t come out at the same time in most places. It comes out when its done


  • Don’t travel to Thailand in April you will incinerate 


  • November to January is the coolest time to go but also the most expensive and busiest.


  • The Pad Thai is amazing but you knew that


  • You can stay at reallyyy nice hotels for about $100 a night


  • There are 7/ 11s everywhere! Seriously 


  • Its not as cheap as you think!! If your using the GBP you are golden but using Canadian like myself it wasn’t all $1 for a meal as they say (unless you eat questionable market food)

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