3 Ways To Protect Your Skin From Pollution And Stop Pre-Mature Aging

Protecting my skin from pollution is not ever something I really had to think about. I’m very lucky to have been born in a city so close to the Rocky Mountains so I was blessed with clean air, glacier water, national forests and I get to experience all four seasons! Watery spring air, flourishing summers, crisp fall seasons and brisk winters. I guess I’ve taken my home for granted because I’ve never had to experience air pollution or smog. But after travelling around China I began to understand how important it is to protect your skin from the elements.

Polluted air has metals and toxics in it which wreak havoc on your skin and can prematurely age you! Being in my twenties now I’m a psycho with my skin care. I will do anything to keep aging gracefully so here are some ways to protect your skin from pollution too!

how to protect your skin from pollution


Use a metal cleansing exfoliator

Yes there is such a thing! Even if you don’t live in a polluted area you are still exposed to car exhaust and oils which will harm your skin. Making sure they are scrubbed off your face will not only help keep your skin clear, but will prevent any pollution pre-mature aging! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley uses this one! I love herrrrrrr


Anti-pollution spray

I was introduced to REN Anti-Pollution Spray when I was heading out to China. As we all know Beijing and the surrounding area is thick with air pollution so I was a little worried if it would have any affect on my health and skin. So one day I was shopping online at Sephora, as you do when you’re bored, when I noticed this little gem of a bottle calling my name. I’m a huge fan of face mists and the fact that this one was targeted to pollution had me checking the add to cart button! I used it every day in the mornings before applying moisturizer and sun screen.


Wash your face

Every single day twice a day. I’ll never forget waking up with a dry mouth and face on a Chinese train. I could barely swallow! I was in a no smoking cart but it didn’t matter, the trains air was thick with cigarette smoke and the windows didn’t open. It was a miserable experience but thankfully I brought all my beauty products with me. My skin was so dry and I could feel the chemicals sticking to it and it just felt gross. Nit pleasant. As soon as I found a shower it was cleansing time! Wash your face in the morning, use sunscreen, lotion, and pollution fighting cream to keep your skin safe and healthy from any man made chemicals 🙂



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