5 Unforgettable Things You Need To Do In Bruges

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You might be wondering what experiences you need to have in Bruges. And let me tell you, there is a lot! For a small town not to far from Belgium Bruges has a lot of little quirks. I first heard of the place after my boyfriend forced me to watch ‘In Bruges’ which he deems the funniest movie on the planet. I’ll let you be the judge of that though.

So after he convinced me to go to this Fairytale city I started looking at experiences you need to have in Bruges because it is still one of those lesser known places, and I wanted to make the most of it on our short two days here. If waffles, canals and cute buildings is your thing keep scrolling to see all the experiences you need to have in Bruges 🙂




5 Experiences You Need To Have In Bruges 



Chocolate dipped waffle – This was heaven on a stick! Definitely one of the best experiences you need to have in Bruges because, well, waffle stick. It was soooo good I don’t even think I let Aaron try a bite. I got mine dipped in chocolate honey (yes, chocolate infused with honey) and had it rolled in hazelnut sprinkles! Love at first sight! I almost when back for seconds.. In hind sight I should have because who knows when I’m going to eat one of those delicious sticks of happiness again!


Climb the steep stairs of the Belfry Tower – I do not understand going up things. I really don’t. Like yay, you’re high, but the journey up the bell tower in Bruges was half the fun! When I say the stairs are steep I mean steep! Like the smart cookie I am I wore heels and almost slipped a few times but with some luck and a moment in a corner I made it to the top! Just in time for the bell to ring. It’s something you can cross of your “Bruges” list.


Eat some food at Markt Square – In the morning there is a local market that takes up the square so be sure to try some home made food and desserts! The pastries smell amazing as an added bonus.


Try some Belgian chocolate – Lastly, one of my favourite experiences you need to try in Bruges is chocolate. You’re in Belgium, you’re in Bruges, it’s time to try out the amazing chocolate! There are chocolate shops everywhere around the canals so pop in and try some of their handcrafted treats. Most come in cute containers like easter eggs or heart tins! Mine didn’t survive the trip home. I blame late night munchies.


Cruise around the canal – One of the best experiences you can have is to go along the canals. I know it’s such a tourist thing to do you’re a tourist, it’s okay to act like one sometimes. Enjoy the surrounding of the little fairytale town on a little boat and take it in! Few things can be cuter than being in a cute town, with cute canals, and being surrounded by cute swans.




Hope you enjoyed this list of experiences you need to try in Bruges! Let me know if you have any questions. Don’t forget to Subscribe to get more travel and lifestyle tips and follow my Bloglovin and Instagram!




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