5 Healthy Airplane Snacks That Are Quick And Easy

If you’ve read any of my posts I almost always mention how much I need snacks. I’m one of those people who gets hangry if I don’t eat frequently. Airplanes are super boring and for some reason on a 8 hour flight I feel like I need to be eating every hour.. I can’t stop! I just get so bored and you know how well chips go with a movie which is all I do during a long-haul flight. The calories add up, especially if you are having a few drinks on the plane! And before you know it you feel bloated and squishy. I know my stomach would swells up like a balloon which isn’t the best of feelings when you’re arriving to a new country. No one wants to get to Paris feeling like they have a food-baby. So to combat the munchies here are some healthy airplane snacks that are quick and easy! (and all vegan!)


el retiro parkhealthy plane snacks


Bananas are my to-go-to travel fruits. When I try to bring berries or watermelon I always end up being sticky and making a mess. Plus the fruit juices end up spilling in my purse somehow so I’ve just given up on trying to take them. Bananas on the other hand are a lot easier to handle as well as oranges. Just make sure you put them on the top of your bag or you could have a tropical explosion in your purse. Add some peanut butter for a tasty snack!




This popcorn is amazing! Buy a massive bag from Costco and put it in a ziplock bag. This is perfect airplane munchy food for when you’re mindlessly watching your third movie. It’s low cal, natural and lightly salted!



Lara Bars

I was a Cliff Bar person but I have switched over to Lara Bars because I realized Cliff bars are pretty much glorified sugar cars. Lara bars have all natural ingredients and aren’t full of added sugar and crap. I can read all of the ingredients (there’s only about 2-4!) and they are small so they are portioned controlled. I’m one of those people who can’t stop eating once I start so portioned out food is great for me! And as much as I love Cliff Bars I can do without the added rice syrup and other sugars that leave me with bad breath and a swollen tummy. My other option is to make your own bars! I’ll have a recipe posted soon so stayed updated by subscribing!



Roasted Chickpeas

I love making roasted chickpeas! This is a plan ahead snack but I think it’s worth it. Chickpeas are a vegetarians best friend. I roast my chickpeas with a cinnamon and a bit of honey. I love this so much! I’m obsessed with cinnamon so this is how I get my little cinnamon kick on the planes. Try this recipe I found on Pinterest! (Add me for lots of travel and food inspiration HERE)



Apples & Peanut Butter  

This is another fruit that’s easy to bring on the plane! Just portion out some peanut butter (or don’t) and your snack is done! This helps with my sweet tooth and I just like peanut butter a lot so any excuse to eat some is good with me. This is super healthy and doesn’t leave you feeling gross like a fatty chocolate bar would.






What are your healthy plane snacks? Anything special you bring with you on flights? Share in the comments! 

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  • Reply
    sophie nadeau
    August 9, 2016 at 5:50 am

    Haha, I totally get you- I get hangry if I don’t eat enough as well! Love this post idea- I always carry around fresh fruit as it’s cheap but healthy 🙂

    • Reply
      The Fernweh Wolf
      September 11, 2016 at 6:30 pm

      Haha at least we know we have good survival skins if we get hangry 😛 Thanks for commenting Sophie!


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