5 New Years “Resolutions” We Can All Agree On

I’m more of a “mantra” and “goal” girl but I am feeling pretty passionate about New Years Resolutions lately so I thought I would make a short and sweet list! New Years is all about reinventing ourselves and trying to best ourselves. While we don’t need a calendar to tell us it’s time for a change there is something magical about the feeling of a fresh New Years! Agree? Here’s some New Years Resolutions to get you on the right track.


“You know all those things you’ve

always wanted to do?

You should go do them.”



Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. Again and again I find myself lurking on Instagram, seeking validation for my actions by what other creatives are doing. She’s a photographer? Maybe I should be a photographer. Yes, my brain actually works like that. It’s been such a set back because I get so passionate and obsessive about everything so I can never finish anything. So my goal, and should be yours too, is to stop worry about what everyone else is doing and just focus on your journey. Some of us will have to work harder because we don’t have “connections” but how much sweeter will it be knowing you built yourself up all on your own? 🙂


Focus on your health – not weight. You probably hear this all the time and you’re about to hear it again. Your weight is just a number. It isn’t going to make or break you it’s just telling you how much gravity is pulling down on you. I personally weight myself all the time because I need to see the changes because I can’t in the mirror. But I don’t let it control me. If you are eating clean and working out regular your body WILL adjust. Just have some faith.


new years resolutionsnew years resolutionsnew year resolutions

Enough with self doubt. “Self doubt will kill more dreams than failure will.” We need to stop doubting ourselves and over thinking. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the million little details that we often quit before we start. This year is the time to put all self-doubt behind us because we will only go so far as we push ourselves.


Read more, write more. Instead of scrolling through Instagram (add me here!) for hours on end; let’s replace it with books. Reading will make you smarter, more creative, subconsciously make you a better writer and will also help with your stress. How many out there start reading and before you know it 3 hours whizz by?


Practice self care. Self care is probably the most important thing you can do in the New Years. We need to love ourselves. We need to pamper and treat ourselves like a rare gem because we are so important. Self care means more luxurious bubble baths, more treating yourself to a pedi-cure, taking that course you’ve always wanted or trying that Pilates class you’ve been thinking about. Self care means treating yourself to things you love and mentally applauding yourself.



What are your New Years Resolutions? Share in the comments! 

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