5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Immunity Before Travelling

It’s cold season so it never hurts to start doing things to help boost your immunity before you start travelling! A little info for you is winter doesn’t give you a cold, people do. When it’s freezing outside people tend to stay indoors with each other which is why more people get sick! Poor hygiene is the real culprit as well as sickness etiquette (i.e. not covering your mouth when coughing). And the worst place to be in germ season? At the airport, on a plane! I cringe every time I hear someone cough on a plane because I’m trapped by the filtered air!

As a big believer in the healing powers of nature I always have remedies on hand to fight the common cold justttt incase. Here’s how to boost your immunity before travelling:


1. Add spirulina – It smells like fish food but it is so good for you! It detoxifies you of heavy metals, keeps your mircroflora healthy (bacteria in large intestine) and is also high in protein and iron which is great for us vegetarians!

2. Eat your blueberries – Blueberries are my secret weapon in life. They keep my skin clean, my energy high and my soul soothed. They also keep my immunity boosted with their high dosage of vitamin C! Eat fresh, frozen or add into your oatmeal or smoothies.

3. Drink chaga tea – This is the best kept secret. Chaga tea is basically a mushroom that grows on birch trees. You get all the nutrients from the tree like vitamin D, K, B’s, and minerals like iron, calcium and zinc are in here! It is also one of the densest sources of antioxidants on the planet.

4. Eat the rainbow – Your diet is what will make or break you. Eat colourful, nutrient dense food and avoid alcohol as it weakens the immune system. Try to make your dishes vibrant because this is a good way to get different vitamins and minerals into your body. You are what you eat 🙂

5. Take a ginger shot – Ginger is pretty much the holy grail for ailments. It boosts immunity, is great for nausea, aids digestion and has numerous antioxidant properties. Add it into smoothies or make a fresh ginger tea!



What are your immunity boosting secrets? I’d love to hear! 


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