5 Things Only Travel Bloggers Can Understand

Hello! After 2 years of blogging I can’t help but feel like there are just somethings only bloggers can understand. Spending my time with “normal” people I feel like a sore thumb sticking out. No matter what I do I always have blog on the brain. I think I’ve converted my boyfriend into thinking this lifestyle is normal because he’s slowly becoming more blog conscious! I guess I’ve rubbed off on him. He started pointing out what would be a good photo and saying “You should write about this.” Daww 🙂 Since it’s mostly bloggers who read blogs I thought it might be fun to see if any of these is relatable to you because I hit all the marks! How about you?


1. Your food will probably get coldOur breakfasts and lunches have become a Instagram photo opportunity. So, more often than not, our food gets cold! There’s been many times where I’ve made my boyfriend suffer through lunch dates so I can take photos of our food. At least we get a pretty picture after!

2. You think every thing is a photo opportunity – A movie night out, getting the window seat on the plane.. everything becomes a candid opportunity to take a photo! We can’t help it! Even where you sit at a restaurant matters because you need good lighting!

3. You obsess over lighting Speaking of lighting you find yourself strolling around a room, camera in the air, seeking the best lighting for a photo. In the summer you’re harshly aware where the sun is in the sky. In the fall you are ecstatic because it’s overcast which means it’s a perfect day to take a photo. With us bloggers, lighting is everything.

4. Blogging is a lifestyle You tell yourself one more hour and then you’ll put the blog away. But you find yourself staring at your screen trying to perfect your layout for hours and hours. Sometimes you’ll enjoy a nice night out, not obsessing over Instagram or your blogs traffic count. But then auto-pilot kicks in and you’re flicking through your notifications without realizing. All the while your boyfriend starts wondering when you became this obsessive. Even bathroom time isn’t safe for bloggers because you can’t resist the temptation to flip open an app to see how your baby is doing.

5. You put on makeup justttttt incase – I don’t wear makeup unless it’s to dinner but if I know I’m going out and the lighting’s nice outside then it can’t hurt to throw a little makeup on! You know, just incase you were to stand candidly while someone snapped a quick photo of you. Who knows, maybe you’ll take a selfie that day and actually use it instead of hoarding onto it like the rest of your 100 selfies!



Let me know if you can relate to any of these things! Bloggers need to stick together 😛 

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    February 23, 2017 at 4:58 pm

    Ah such a relatable post! I can’t tell you the amount of times that I’ve stopped to take photos in public places, or how many times I’ve had lighting issues.


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