5 Things You’re Doing That’s Probably Ruining Your Trip

5 Things You’re Doing That’s Probably Ruining Your Trip


You’re Expectations Are Too High

I used to get so grumpy when things would go askew when I know I shouldn’t have, and I always feel like that was ruining my trip. My expectations. I live in my head and as a writer and dreamer I have high expectations and vivid images of how things are supposed to be. I live an experience in my head before I even do something and with that can sometimes come disappointment. Example: renting a boat to Capri. In my head I was picturing warm spring air, bikinis, sunshine and a glass of wine but the day it came to rent the boat it was cold, windy, rainy and the waters were so choppy and somehow I forgot I’m terrified of water and sharks.. so instead of being “omg this is amazing!” I was “omg I’m scared!” Which was stupid and led to some dramatic tears.. I’m human. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Thankfully after a meltdown I felt better and was able to enjoy the moment with Aaron even if it wasn’t exactly how I imagined it!


Not Trying New Things

Rule number one of travelling: Embrace the uncomfortableness. I am a big chicken when it comes to heights and water but somehow I find myself at the top of every tower and swimming in the ocean, freaking out that a shark is going to eat me. Am I still scared? Yes, and Aaron can verify my sulking every time we go up the elevator to some ridiculously size monument that he needs to be at the top of. But I quickly get over it every time and enjoy the view. Or then there’s food. I’ll never forget my first time in Japan with my aunt the hostel man gave me these reddish/purplish boogery/sour/nasty/slimy textured things that were awfuuullllllllll. But then there’s the good things to try like this Czech soup I had in Prague which to this day is probably the best thing I’ve ever eaten. So don’t go home from an amazing trip without trying something new whether it’s an experience or taste! Check out this post on how to get out of your comfort zone! 


5 Things You’re Doing That’s Probably Ruining Your Trip

Not Living In The Moment

When I was in Italy I was dreaming of Bali, when I was in Amsterdam I was dreaming of Paris.. I have a nasty habit of dreaming of other places while I’m still exploring a new place! It’s so hard to be present and to focus on what’s in front of you, not what’s ahead of you. We need to remind ourselves to express gratitude and be living in the moment. To enjoy the little things in life because when I look back I think of the time in Amsterdam when I was ready to go party my face off but instead fell asleep at 11pm fully dressed with my heels still on, or when Aaron and I bought pizza in Naples and took it back to the hotel to watch Neflix. It’s those little memories that make me smile so live in the moment! You’ll be glad you did.


You’re Glued To Your Phone

Let me start off by saying I don’t think there’s anything wrong with caring your phone around especially when you’re travelling. It’s just so easy to be glued to your phone and I know I’m guilty of it too! I love my phone. I actually get mad when I see signs that shame people for using there phones because lets be real.. It’s 2016 and phones are apart of our lives and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. And as an introvert my phone is my safety net so I don’t have to have awkward conversations because frankly.. My interest rate isn’t that high when people only talk about other people.. Get me talking about travelling though and I will chat your ear off for hours! We just have to be conscious on the amount of time we’re on our phones especially when travelling! Take all the photos you want just make sure you’re not on Instagram on the discover page browsing through memes.


You Didn’t Plan Enough

It’s fine to wing a trip if you are that sort of person but if you aren’t.. you need to plan or you’re at risk of feeling like you’re ruining your trip. At least get the basics down before you leave! Find a few restaurants you can eat at, especially if you have dietary needs, write down some sights you want to see and get a basic understand of public transport. But just remember, you can’t see everything even if you went somewhere a hundred times so don’t be hard on yourself if you miss something! There’s always next time and planning is sometimes more fun than anything else!



Are you guilty of any of these? Share in the comments! If you are don’t worry I’m guilty of them all haha! No ones perfect right? Stay up to date with Fernweh by Subscribing in the sidebar or lets follow each other on Bloglovin


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