6 Ways To Have Fun While Saving For Travel

Saving up for a big trip is never easy. Or fun for that matter.


It means going out less, cutting back on food costs, and not buying yourself new clothes.


None of that sounds fun to me. None. That sounds awful and boring.


I like going out, I love food and I like treating myself to clothes. All big no no’s in the travel saving world unfortunately.


But sacrifices must be made when you’re saving up for an amazing adventure so these cut backs will be worth it. And I’m going to tell you how you can still have fun while saving for travel!



Netflix n Chill – All jokes aside Nexflix is 8$ a month and you probably have a friend that has it so log in, pop some pop corn and chill! You’ll save yourself $40 from not going out to the movies.


Have a worldly cuisine night – Have you ever made tempura? Sushi? Udon? Put together a Sushi Night for you and a friend or even rock a solo dinner. If you follow me on my SnapChat (@fernwehwolf) last week you would have seen that I spent 4 hours preparing a lovely meal for just myself using a recipe from The Blender Girls cook book and it turned out amazing. Burnt, but amazing. It lasted me a week. Pick a food you’ve always wanted to try making (try Indian if you’re daring. So many spices..)


Friends and wine – Grab your partner or friend and get a cheap bottle of wine (Oyster Bay is my new to go to) and hangout with some music or again, throw on the Netflix. If you’re feeling crazy do some home made pizzas! How could pizza and wine and Netflix not be fun. Rhetorical question.


Go for walks – You’re probably going that’s not fun. But it can be! Bring your camera and go Instagram crazy on things. Who cares if people are watching you take a million photos of leaves. It’s fun. And I personally find taking and editing photos to be a stress reliever so double bonus.


Google your city – What free events are happening? Play tourist. Find a new street. Take a drive out of town and see what there is. Pretend like you’re travelling. What would you do if you just arrived to a city? (besides try all of their food on day one)


Marathon time – Not running marathon (a big no) but a movie marathon! I can guarantee at some point in your life you have wanted to watch a marathon. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, you choose!




How do you have fun while saving? Have tips? Share them in the comments! Subscribe or follow my Instagram to stay up to date! 

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    January 20, 2016 at 7:56 am

    Nice post! … Seriously, saving for the trip is so hard. It’s so daunting when you figure out how much money you need to save and then start figuring out HOW you’re going to save it all. That’s usually about the time you go to the mailbox and see a speeding ticket !!


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