A Lazy Day In Florence: Eating Pizza And Soaking Up The Tuscan Sun

I’ve done the whole 3 countries in three days thing, spent hours on a train only one night in a Buddhist temple. I have trained a whole 10 hours to see a lion monument in Switzerland and let me tell you – it is exhausting..

We live in the ‘fly by the seat of your pants‘ society where fast travelling is glorified, but honestly, it’s becoming a little tiresome. Don’t get me wrong, if the situation arrises you can bet I will be squeezing everything I can to make it work but when it came to Italy I just wanted to chill out. You know, be able to walk the streets without feeling winded by walking too fast, or stressing out about train times because if I miss one then the whole plan is ruined.. There’s a lot less margin for error when you take things slow.

In Florence, after a quick trip to Venice.. and Milan.. and a night in Paris.. I DID chill out in Florence. I enjoyed vegetable soups, more wine than I care to share and drank the best coffee of my life that I made myself! Italian grinds are now my favourite.

When we arrived to Florence our hotel was supposed to be a quick walk away, about twenty minutes, but that wasn’t going to happen. I realized there are no signs telling you where hotels and apartments are. You need to rely on these confusing numbers above tiny doorways.

Having burned off my last morsel of food and watching Aaron slowly decline into an irrational state of hunger, we found a grocery store where Aaron sat with our suitcases outside while I ran inside to get food. A few minutes later I came out with a giant container of water, mozzarella cheese, peanuts and pretzels. Sitting on our suitcases and sheepishly, yet savagely, we devoured the makeshift meal. Much to all the grocery shoppers amusement. We got a lot of smiles though.

After crushing all the food we began round 2 of finding our home and thank god a construction worker saw us looking confused because he decided to help us and show us the proper door. Apparently there are two numbers above a doorway – a red and blue one and you need the blue one I believe. It’s confusing haha. And then the doorbell to get in was broken so I turned on my data and called the receptionist.. Finally we were saved and all was well in the world because our room was gorgeous!

The next day after we made our way to the river where we were told we would find sea otters but sadly after four days we couldn’t see the little balls of cuteness. We passed through a market and I bought the cutest little teacups about the perfect size for a shot of espresso! We walked towards the Ponte Vecchio which is fullllllll of jewellery stores. If you are curious that is literally all you will find.

We made our way to an amazing view point called The Piazzale Michelangiolo and it was stunning. Perfect for photos and taking a seat on the steps. There is a place to get food and water here so if you get too hot don’t be afraid to sit down and eat some gelato.

When I travel I plan half of what I want to see and then spend the other half wandering around wherever my feet take me. And while wandering around Florence I happen to stumble upon the Giardino delle rose – The Rose Garden. This was probably one of my favourite places in Florence.


As some of you guys might know I am obsessed with roses. I think they are the prettiest and most romantic flower out there. They are an effortless beauty. I actually have a rose tattooed on me 😀 So you can imagine how happy I was to find this little slice of garden all the way in Florence Italy.

And I wasn’t the only one enjoying the beauty. This seemed to be a little hideaway where locals and tourist laid out to enjoyed the Tuscan sun. Some where getting a tan, others working on papers, some were drawing and some were simply laying against the trees reading. Aaron and I found a clear spot on the grass and joined in on the sun bathing. We had just spent the morning walking around Florence so our feet were beat so what better time to sit down and smell the roses.


The Florence Cathedral and Basilica are all within walking distance so we made our way there after eating a pizza. On the way home we grabbed some groceries, a bottle of wine and made ourselves a wholesome dinner.The amazing thing about Italy is how cheap their groceries are. If you are in a grocery store buy the pesto. I swear it was the best pesto of my life. I ate that with mixed spring salad with graded parmesan along side pumpkin ravioli and some random veggie that said “vegan.”



Do you fast travel or slow down and relax? Share in the comments!

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  • Reply
    May 13, 2016 at 5:02 am

    Wow, it sounds as though you’ve been so busy! I love the mention of Switzerland too, it’s undoubtedly my favourite European location. This travel diary for Florence is so beautiful, each and every photo is inducing serious wanderlust and you can really sense the heat in some of the photos. So lovely, you look as though you belong there 🙂


    • Reply
      May 22, 2016 at 8:08 am

      Really where have you been in Switzerland?? I can’t decide where I should go next there because Lucerne was my main place to see. Aw thanks so much Gabrielle! That is the cutest thing I’ve read today. Florence was pretty spectacular, I could definitely see myself living there 😛 Thanks for commenting <3


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