A Weekend in Banff – You’re Not Going Skiing?!

I’ve always been lucky living close to the Rocky Mountains but when I thought about it I had never really explored the Banff National Park area since most trips were just skiing trips. After a month of going stir crazy since being home from Asia my Boyfriend and I decided to take a road trip to Banff for the weekend and play tourist in our own country.



Located in the Alberta Rockies, Banff is found in Banff National Park Alberta, Canada. Go figure. A four hour road trip from Edmonton with a stop in Calgary for lunch at OEB (read more about that here) we arrived in Calgary just after noon to our adorable cabin style suite at Banff Boutique. After a quick settle in we headed into town to Sushi House on Caribou Street where a little train delivered your food. Pretty cute. After eating delicious avocado and yam rolls with a potato croquette a pack of snowboarders with red faces in full winter gear made me wonder if we should have just went snowboarding since I haven’t been in over a year but, I’m glad we tried something different this time.


So what is there to do in Banff besides hitting the mountain?

Cavin Basin National Historic Site


When you get past the smell of stinky sulphur and head into the cave we discovered its actually a natural thermal mineral spring and also the birthplace of Canada’s first national park. Pretty cool!

Lake Minnewanka


A lovely glacial lake located a short drive away from Banff City Centre. You can read more about that HERE

(who knows what I’m doing..)

Surprise Corner


Arguably the best spot to view the beautiful Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. If you’re feeling adventurous head down the trails and have a little hike to view the river up close and even see the Bow Falls like we did!

Banff Town Centre


While its fun to hike and explore and be in the wilderness its also nice to hang out and eat good food and just shop. I didn’t have one bad meal in Banff and I highly recommend Eddie Burger + Bar for some freshly made burgers complimented with a beer.

Banff has something for everyone, whether you’re a foodie looking for some unique dishes, a sports fanatic looking to shred the mountains or just an everyday explorer looking to check another city off your list, Banff has something to offer. Some other great places to check out are Lake Louise and Moraine Lake if you have the time!


It’s humbling being around something as big as a mountain and this small weekend getaway made me appreciate what I have and reminded me that I don’t always need to run away to another country to see and experience new things. Canada is such a huge country that there is sure to be plenty of things to see to tame the travel bug!


Whats your favourite part of Banff?

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