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Fernweh is a personal travel and lifestyle blog creating an online escape for those seeking more out of life.


We provide insight to other countries, adventures and cities all while maintaining a healthy, well balanced lifestyle. We aim to keep the glamour of sleepless nights, messy hair and romance of life alive.


Fernweh believes in following your passions and desire to live a fulfilling and experienced life.
If you have a passion for travel and all things creative you’ll find The Fernweh Wolf has a lot to offer as we believe in the travel lifestyle. The cafes, the hotels, the fashion and travel style, the food and the culture as well as having time to sit back and simply enjoy the world around you with a great cup of coffee.


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I started my blog in late December of 2014 with the soul intention of creating a space where I can share my travel stories and experiences with you as well as a trustworthy place where travellers and creatives can come for inspiration and travel advice.


I love rainy days in coffee shops, running for airplanes and getting lost if foreign places all the while keeping the romance of life alive.


Not including my home country of Canada I have travelled to 13 countries in this past year alone and am planning to add many more during my 3 month (indefinite?) trip to Europe coming February of 2016. Being fortunate to have such a massive home country to explore you will also find lots of useful information on Canada and the hidden gems few travellers know about. There’s more to Canada than Vancouver and Toronto you know!


Blogging has become my passion and sharing stories and adventures with you is what I love to do! I hope you stick around for a while and explore what Fernweh has to offer in its short existence.

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“It’s All Messy: The Hair. The Bed.
The Words. The
Heart. Life.. “
-William Leal

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