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As some of you might have read in my last post I haven’t been able to do many posts lately because I lost my camera USB which is what I use to get all my photos to my laptop since I use the MacBook Air and they don’t have a memory card reader for some reason (I hope you’re reading this Apple!)


So in trying to keep the blogging going I thought I’d show you what I’ve been up to through my Instagram photos! Here’s what I’ve been up to:



In the Instagram photos above is only a small peak of what I’ve been up to! When I got to Montreal my camera card was full, of course, and I had some struggles finding a memory card to fit my camera and then I lost my camera cord so I haven’t been able to put any photos on my laptop! Sooo frustrating but oh well! That’s what iPhones are for.




Hopefully by next week I will have my camera cord and can show all of you what I’ve been up to! So far I’ve gone from Edmonton, Alberta to Montreal, Quebec where a crazy flight thing (a good thing) happened which I will be making a post about in the near future, and then I went from Montreal to Toronto to Fredericton, New Brunswick where I have been staying out in the forest with Aaron in a cozy little camp where we have been relaxing, exploring and taking care of some family things!




What are you plans this weekend? Have you ever had those trips where one thing goes wrong and then suddenly your life snowballs? I hope you all have a great Firday 13th and an awesome weekend!

You can find more photos on Instagram @ Fernwehwolf or on my old account @ Plasticwolf !!

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