Coming Home For Christmas

There is no better feeling than collecting your luggage at the baggage carousel and walking out of the airport to fresh air and snow. My mom picked me up in my dads massive truck and I was so happy to see her. Since moving out I don’t see my family as much as I used to so after 2 months of being away it was good to be home with my family.


China was a whirlwind adventure and I have noooo idea how it went by so fast. One day I was hiking The Great Wall of China, another day I doing a victory dance after concurring the Tiger Leaping Gorge and another I was quite literally frolicking through the Longsheng Rice Terraces in Guilin. Then somehow, after 17 hours of travel, I’m waking up in my own comfy bed with a coffee waiting for me and Christmas lights hanging from my fireplace. And somehow I squeezed Bali in there?! How? Bali doesn’t even feel real.


While part of me is heart broken the adventure is over another part of me is so thrilled and excited to be home! 2017 is going to be the best year yet. I have so much planned am so ready to get back into shape and build a life I am proud of!


Flying home is always a bittersweet feeling but I am happy to be home to spend Christmas with my family and to put Aaron in more uncomfortable situations (think grandparents and wine!). Also I just wanted to say thank you to those who have been supporting me from the beginning and for those who have just found me! You have no idea how much I appreciate hearing from you. It’s nice knowing I’m not just talking to cyberspace 😛 After a really difficult year I can finally breathe and move on.



To stay friends you can find me on Bloglovin or Instagram for day to day life! Thanks for reading bunnies!


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