The Best Dim Sum In Vegas -Drinks And Dumplings At Yang Kang Street

Dim Sum At Yang Kang Street


I love when you walk into a restaurant by chance and the food is some of the best you’ve ever eaten! I had no idea this Dim Sum and Noodle House was going to be as good as it was but Yang Kang Street was unreal. Like most Chinese places there wasn’t a whole lot on the menu for me to eat as a vegetarian but the staff was more than willing to help! Instead of meat they told me they would put extra vegetables so that was really nice.


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He can’t help himself haha!Dim Sum In The ParisDim Sum In The ParisDim Sum In The Paris


The staff at Yang Kang Street were extremely patient with me and came back to our table about three times before I was ready with a decision (so bad I know!) I went with the sesame noodle dish because I was told it was in a peanut sauce which is seriously my weakness. I love a good peanut sauce and they are so hard to come by.


A lady came by wheeling this cart which had different dim sums ready to go so all you had to do was pick one and eat! They were all meat but Aaron tried the shrimp buns and loved them. He ended up getting two orders! We also split the green onion cakes that you could tell were freshly made. They weren’t those massive green onion cake that you usually get deep fried – they were more flat and full of flavour!


I’m a huge foodie so I would definitely recommend Yang Kang Street to anyone in Las Vegas! It’s such a cool little spot between the Paris and Bally’s. You can’t miss the giant lanterns and the string lights! So pretty. We tried to go back but like always we were short on time!


For next time though.




Have you been to Las Vegas? Where is your favroute Dim Sum place I want to make a list of places to check out! Share in the comments <3 

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