Everything You Need To Know About Positano

I think we all know about Positano by now. If not, it’s this gorgeous little town on the coast of the Amalfi in Italy. I think the first time I started to pay attention to Positano was after I saw a photo Jessica Stein there and I became obsessed. Shortly after that the whole blogging and social media world did. But how could you not be? Being the obsessive person I am I actually made it my phones screen saver! I believe in the power of visualization and surely enough after looking at Positano everyday, all day, I looked a flight to Paris and trained down to the Amalfi Coast with my boyfriend!


Here’s my little guide to everything you need to know about Positano. It’s such a cute and charming city on the cliffs anything will be a great experience but just in case you need a little more info here you go 🙂


A Romantic Getaway To Positano

How To Get Here:


The easiest way to get to Positano is to take a train from Naples and go to Sorrento (40 minutes on the Hyrofoil and an hour thirty on the local train) where you then take the bus to Positano (40 minutes). You can also rent a private driver which can take anywhere from an hour and fifteen to and hour and forty-five. The bonus of getting a driver is they drop you off at your hotel so you don’t have to hike up anywhere. There are also taxis available and ferries that can take you to the small city on the Amalfi Coast.


A Romantic Getaway To PositanoEverything You Need To Know About Positano

Getting around:


Foot – Positano seems like it’s dangerous, you know, walking and driving along side a cliff and all, but don’t be scared! It’s actually a lot easier and safer than it looks. Just make sure you bring comfy shoes or you’ll end up walking barefoot like I did 😛


Bus – I swear the buses don’t slow down around corners, I basically cry at every turn. While I have never been so stressed out on a bus before, the bus is a great option for getting around Positano (and Amalfi and Sorrento for that matter) and it is cheap. Be sure to push the button where you need to get off though, and since the signage is poor it’s best to make sure you know where you’re going before you get on the bus! I completely miss the stop in Positano and ended up alllllllllll the way to Sorrento and had to hire a private car to take me back!


Taxi/Private Car – For quicker transportation I recommend hiring a car to take you where you need to go since the buses only come by every hour or so. Ask your hotel to organize one for you if this is the option you choose!


A Romantic Getaway To PositanoA Romantic Getaway To Positano

Where To Stay:


Anywhere close – Positano may seem intimidating when it comes to choosing a place to stay but don’t worry! There are plenty of B&B’s and hotels to choose from. We stayed at Residence I Giardini Dei Sensi and it was lovely. The staff was welcoming and made their own cakes for breakfast! Just make sure when booking you take in consideration to how far the city centre is.


A Romantic Getaway To PositanoA Romantic Getaway To Positano

What To Do:


Capri – While it might be hard to drag yourself from Positano you can also check out Capri! There are ferries and speed boats that can take you to the little island! Spend a day on the island exploring the gorgeous sights.


Rent a boat – Aaron and I were feeling pretty swanky in Positano so we rented a boat! We took the boat all the way to Capri! It was such an amazing experience I would highly recommend. For 4 hours (9am-1pm) it was 200 Euro. Prices start at 70 Euro per/ hour. You can try and find better deals or opt for the smaller wooden boat if you have no desire to go to Capri.


Rent a Vespa – If you are of brave heart you can rent a Vespa and scoot around the coast!


Path of Gods – This is a beautiful hiking trail that can’t be missed!


Beach life – Positano really is about hanging out, eating some gelato and having some drinks while taking in all the beauty. It is a little Italian paradise that has stollen my heart and that can be completely enjoyed by doing nothing!


Everything You Need To Know About Positano

Where To Eat:


La Taverna del Leon – You can stop here for a classic Italian dinner or you can get takeaway pizza! The pizza was amazing and if you ask your hotel desk they can even order it for you and get it delivered! How awesome?! I think one of my favourite things was when Aaron and I ordered pizza and we took it to our balcony and watched the sun set.


Le Sirenuse – This luxury hotel has one of the best views in town so it’s a great place to stop in for lunch or dinner! Be sure to make a dinner reservation before hand. I recommend stopping in for an Americano because you get little chocolates with it! It was so nice sipping coffee over looking the beach!




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  • Reply
    Sarah Attaway
    May 11, 2016 at 9:57 am

    I’m dying to get to Positano! Such beautiful photos.


    • Reply
      The Fernweh Wolf
      May 22, 2016 at 8:34 am

      Ah I hope you make it there! I think it’s my new favourite Italy city! You’ll have to take lots of photos and write about it so I can relive the trip through you 😛

  • Reply
    May 3, 2016 at 3:19 pm

    Oh my this looks incredible!! So happ y to have stumbled across your blog. I am 26 and have never left the country (if you can believe it) so am planning a few dream trips and Positano is definitely on the “must do” list (even more so now)!

    P.S . Love your blog theme too 😉


    • Reply
      May 9, 2016 at 8:55 pm

      Aw thanks Kate!! I’m glad you like it I love hearing that 😀 That actually is a little hard to believe you’re going to have a blast when you do start living out your dream trips! And you’ll love Positano it’s such a “How is this real??” city!

      Haha great minds think alike! Your blog is seriously impressive btw I hope to be as accomplished as you one day! (if that’s not weird to say :p)

  • Reply
    Lori Hil (@lorihil)
    May 3, 2016 at 3:15 pm

    Saving to my travel board! Looks lovely!

    • Reply
      May 9, 2016 at 8:44 pm

      Aw thanks so much! <3 It really was stunning there
      I'm glad you liked the post :]


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