Exploring The Best Of Prague In 3 Days

Prague is arguably one of my favourite cities. Everything about it is perfect from the food to the architecture.


Praha is a medieval fairy tale come to life with gothic architecture and eerie weather. Located in the Czech Republic, Prague is becoming one of the most noted romantic cities around. At least to me.


On my short trip in Europe I made sure to see the best of Prague during my 3 day stay. The most important things for me to see were Charles Bridge, the Astronomical Clock, Old Town and Prague Castle. Luckily all of these things are in walking distance from each other so it’s easy to make use of time and not feel rushed.


I remember arriving a bit nervous because of how weird people are about Eastern Europe but that quickly changed as I checked into our apartment and had dinner in the Old Town Square. There were street performers singing and venders serving warm wine and chimney cakes powdered with sugar. I gotten a vegetarian soup served in a big bread bowl and a Pilsner beer. It was a perfect.

prague castle pragueprague prague

prague prague prague

The following day we walked along Charles Bridge where we made our way to Prague Castle. The stone steps were lined with gift shops that weren’t tacky and a few cafes dotted in-between them. We went into one cafe and I got a Turkish coffee and I think it was just straight coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup. I’m a huge coffee lover but I couldn’t drink the black sludge. Aaron mis-ordered his and ended up with a sweet latte of some sort.


I ended up buying a pink matreshka doll in one of the gift shops.


When we started reaching the top of the road there was a Starbucks situated near the castle giving the perfect view of the city. How Starbucks claims such spots I’ll never know but if you ever want a coffee with a view then that’s your place.


It was kind of funny because I didn’t know we were headed near the castle I just wanted to roam around for a bit but then voila! Castle. We made our way through the castle and St. Vitus Cathedral where we then headed to the dungeons of the castle. You couldn’t help but feel creeped out because you knew these torture devices had been used but it was interesting to see. Near the castle you had a breathtaking view of the city and got to walk down these stone stairs.


After some shopping we headed down to the river where we found swans randomly so we stated bird watching. They walk right up to you so be warned.


As the night began to fall we headed back to Old Town Square where we found an underground restaurant that I can’t remember the name of. It was near, of course, a Starbucks. One thing they don’t tell you about Prague is that the food is amazing. And I mean amazing.


I’ve eaten in Paris, I’ve eaten in Rome and I’ve eat at the Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong but Prague is hands down the best food I’ve ever had. I didn’t have a single bad meal there even when we went to little random restaurants out of hunger. I got a random mushroom pizza at one place and I still think about it to this day.


prague view prague prague castle fernweh wolf swans prague charles bridge

prague prague



It’s easy to see the best of Prague in 3 days (I use that tern loosely there is so much more to Prague) but I encourage you to go off the beaten track and get lost in the architecture. Also eat all the food and tell me I’m wrong about how amazing it is.

Have you ever been to Prague? What would you want to see on your trip?

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    The Bandwagon Chic
    July 27, 2015 at 1:34 am

    Prague is such a great city 🙂
    I love the photos 🙂
    That matreshka doll souvenir sounds nice 🙂

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    • Reply
      July 30, 2015 at 3:25 pm

      it is! Have you been there?
      And thank you :]



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