If Unicorns Lived Anywhere, It Would Be Here In Switzerland


Fairytale In Switzerland 



Since I’ve been home I’ve had some time to reflect on the places I’ve been and one of the places that stands out to me as a true fairytale was Lucerne Switzerland. I think every charming town is its own unique fairytale but with Lucerne it felt like it could have once been ruled by ice dragons or have unicorns frolicking in the distance. Yes I like to believe anything is possible because why not!


We arrived at Lucerne quite late at night because we missed our connecting train. Fun times. Finding our hotel was easy enough though because Lucerne is relatively small and easy to navigate. After dropping off our things we decided to call it a night because even though you’re on a train literally doing nothing for hours I feel like that’s even more exhausting that walking around for hours. Can anyone relate?


The next day we woke up at 5:45am and that was a struggle. After a few snooze buttons we finally dragged ourselves out of bed to head to Mount Pilatus so we could be home before it got dark. Little did we know that the hill didn’t opened up till 9:30 so we rushed out the door for nothing. Oh well.


visiting lucerne switzerlandVisiting Lucerne SwitzerlandVisiting Lucerne SwitzerlandVisiting Lucerne Switzerland


The gondola ride up was a struggle for me. You know – the whole being helpless in a box dangling in the air with nothing but the tiniest piece of welding holding the gondola to the cable. They really should at least pretend to make those things look more secure for big babies like me! And speaking of big babies I had a bit of an anxiety attack when the wind started blowing our little box to the point where it wasn’t funny anymore. Aaron was fine as always and had to deal with me whining but finally we hit one halfway point (there was three) and then we started up to the second tier.


Finally we made it to the middle ground where we had to transfer to the bigger line and I’m not ashamed to say that I had a little moment in the corner to try and gather my nerves.


The view was beautiful though. I looked out the window and am aways in awe of mountains. In the winter when the clouds are touching their peaks and the grey skies make them look almost sorrowful yet strong. It really is a sight to be had.


While the main and larger gondola came down staff started wandering into the control room where they personally drive the gondola up the mountain which takes about 35 minutes. The heavy winds could be heard from outside and I saw the strong winds catch the gondola and pushed it against the side of the docking area while staff tried to get it into the bay.


Finally a staff member came out and said because the winds were so strong they were closing the gondola down at 10:30 and there would me no more rides up or down the mountain. He joked that if we went up we could spend the night on the hotel on the mountain if we miss the gondola going down. For me it wasn’t worth it. By the time we got up the mountain, in an even bigger box dangling above nothingness with strong winds blowing the gondola, we would only have maybe 10 minutes to look around before we had to catch the gondola down. I could feel Aaron’s genuine upsetness (I make up words sometimes) but I know myself and what I am willing to put myself though so I bowed out. When staff tells you that being in the gondola with strong winds is a safety concern I’m not about to go play “let’s see if I make it to the top without bursting into tears.”



visiting lucerne switzerlandVisiting Lucernefairytale in switzerland


Lucky for us though the middle connection section of the mountain had a restaurant so we went in for a coffee, a croissant and carrot cake. No we did not share we each got one of each! The carrot cake was unreal and I loved being able to sip coffee with that gorgeous view of the mountain in front of us. We only had 30 minutes to enjoy the peaceful chalet to ourselves or else we would have been trapped there for the night and we were only in Lucerne for that day but 30 minutes was better than none.


the fernweh wolffairytale in switzerlandVisiting Lucerne


But then came time for the lion and that was all I needed to see to make everything worth it. When we got to the lion monument there was no one there. It was just us, the lion, and grey skies. It really was a fairytale in Switzerland.


Once we were done and ready to say goodbye to the lion we made a mistake and found ourselves walking along Lake Lucerne. The view from the water was breathtaking. There were mountains, crystal clear water, swans, and the Swiss flag blowing in the breeze.


fairytale in switzerlandlucerne switzerlandfairytale in switzerlandlucerne switzerland

the fernweh wolf

mount pilatus lucernethe fernweh wolfthe fernweh wolflucerne switzerlandthe fernweh wolfthe fernweh wolf


It was a hard view to say goodbye the next day with Mount Pilatus peaking behind the clouds and the prettiest of colours that were cause by the morning lights against the water. With a little farewell and a kiss from Aaron we made our leave and caught the morning train out to Barcelona.




I think the thing about reading blogs is everyone aways seems to be conquering their fears but no one ever tells you it’s okay to say no sometimes. What do you guys think? Have you ever bowed out of a situation?

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  • Reply
    March 23, 2016 at 12:36 pm

    Oh man, what an absolute dream. Looks so beautiful! I wanted to visit Switzerland so badly last time I was in Europe, but just couldn’t justify how expensive it is. :/ Oh well, just an excuse to go back!

    • Reply
      March 27, 2016 at 9:34 am

      I feel you :S I wanted a Starbucks and it ended up costing $22 Canadian for a plain coffee and a soy latte I almost cried! It’s beautiful there though I’d recommend buying groceries in another country and bringing it over instead of buying things there 😀


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