Feasting At Heritage Days: Photo Diary

Heritage Days Photo Diary 


Heritage Days is one of the many festivals Edmonton has to offer over the summer months. For those of who you have no idea where Edmonton is it’s the capital city of Alberta, Canada. It’s also happens to be my home town (well sort of.. I lived out in the countryside).


Heritage Days is pretty much a big culture event my city has every summer where you get to try foods from all around the world as well as watch cultural dances, fighting, and all sorts of other things every country has to offer. It’s one of my favourite festivals to go to because not only is the food amazing but it’s so nice to be able to shop and eat from countries you otherwise would never eat from. I mean as a travel blogger this is pretty much heaven. Craving langos from Hungary? Heritage Days has me covered. Missing pad Thai from Thailand? No worries – Thailand has me covered.


I mean Edmonton is no London or New York but if we have anything going for us it’s definitely our food. I’ve travelled the world and can safely say Edmonton seriously has some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. And I’m not just saying that because I live here!

the fernweh wolfthe fernweh wolfthe fernweh wolf heritage daysthe fernweh wolfheritage daysthe fernweh wolfheritage days

Aaron and I arrived around noon and began out feast at Afghanistan where we split a bolani which is like a flat bread folded with potatoes and green onion in it. It was pretty much amazing. Next stop was Nigeria where I tried fried plantains and then after that was a stop to Turkey where Aaron and I gracefully ate powdered covered donuts that were soaked in honey. I took one bite and got powder and honey all over my hair! Like a swan.


Another great thing about Heritage Days is it’s held in Hawrelak Park so you have to walk quite a bit to get to all the countries you want to try. Or a least I tell myself there’s a lot of walking so I don’t feel so guilty about stuffing my face.


heritage days turkeyheritage days turkey

oh sweety.. Look at all that sugar haha!

oh sweety.. Look at all that sugar haha!

the fernweh wolf
heritage days turkeyheritage daysheritage days turkeyheritage daysheritage daysheritage days the fernweh wolf

After sugary donuts Aaron went to Egypt to get a wrap of some kind and then we headed to Guatemala where I’m not joking I had the best tamale ever! I’ve never eaten a tamale before so I actually have nothing to compare it to but now the bar is set. And like the little piggy I am I then headed to Thailand next because I am obsessed with mangos at the moment so naturally I wanted mangos and sticky rice. To make it a meal I got the Pad Thai as well which was the best I’ve had since the ones I ate in Thailand!


the fernweh wolfthe fernweh wolfheritage daysthe fernweh wolfthe fernweh wolfthe fernweh wolfheritage days edmontonthe fernweh wolf


After this amazing meal we decided it was time to head home and nurse our exploding bellies. I went into a food coma as soon as I got home but it was all worth it! Now I can’t get off Pinterest trying to find delicious recipes of everything I ate! If I find some good ones I’ll be sure to share :]




Do you have any cultural festivals? If you could eat one food right now from any country what would it be? Don’t forget to subscribe for all my latest posts or stay up to date by following me on Bloglovin


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