Having The Perfect Staycation You Deserve

Have you ever just wanted to run away from life, even for a day, to clear your head and get your priorities in check? I know I do. I am constantly looking at hotels, flights, vacations, always searching for something so I can getaway from it all. Everyday life can become overwhelming and routine which is not fun. And you’re here to have fun and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.


Like taking a mini staycation for example.


But not just a staycation. You’re after a perfect staycation.


To me having a staycation is when you are still in your home city but it still feels like a getaway.


You can do this a few ways. You can get a hotel, stay at your home or maybe try out an airbnb although if you’re going on a perfect staycation you might as well book a hotel and lavish in the free mini toiletries, room service, and lounge in a bathrobe all day. Maybe sneak in an excursion or two depending how you’re feeling.


We have staycations to just getaway from it all without the 8hr flight and week or more commitment. Maybe you don’t have enough time for a big vacation or maybe you’re saving your money for a big trip but I think it’s important for us to have mini vacations all the time. Some people wait all year before they go on their next holiday and I say that’s ridiculous!


You’re allowed to have getaways whenever you want, even if it’s just for the night.


perfect staycation


So here’s how I plan my perfect staycation:



Before hand –


Solo Or Not Solo Deciding if you wanna go on your perfect staycation solo or not is going to be the hardest part. If you want to be cost effective then bringing someone on your staycation is your best bet. Bring your partner or your friend and have fun! If you are going solo then awesome! Time for some quality alone time to focus on yourself.


Find A Nice Hotel – It doesn’t have to be extravagant but if it’s in your budget book somewhere that is aesthetically pleasing and make sure one of the qualifications is room service. Also if you want to do some exploring make sure it’s in a central location where you can easily walk around and see new things.


Pack Your Fanciest Comfy Clothes – Not the ones that you’ve been wearing since you were 15 but a pair that looks good and feels good. I’m talking sweatpants and a baggy jumper. I have two pairs of wildfox sweatpants and I love them!


Google some sights – If you want to play tourist pre-Google some activities or sites near your hotel. It can even be an awesome cafe or restaurant.


Pack a nice outfit – Maybe it’s a cocktail dress or your favourite pair of skinnies with a nice top. You never know if you’re going to go out or not so always be prepared!



After check in –


Relax – When I’m on perfect staycations I want to take advantage of chill out relax time so I rarely leave the room. I blog, read, watch TV, shower for hours and eat all the food with no guilt attached. Pamper yourself, treat yourself, do whatever makes you happiest!


Bubble Bath – or my favourite.. sit down in the shower and let the water fall on you. Having a shower in a hotel is so nice for some reason. You just feel so luxurious and important.


Room Service – Abuse the room service. Burgers, pizza, wine? You choose! Time to pamper yourself in those white robes and just chill. Room service is what makes a perfect staycation perfect. Don’t wanna get dressed? Me neither!


Unplug – It is so easy to be laying down scrolling endlessly though Instagram, I know I’m guilty, but try to unplug from everything for at least an hour (I set the bar high). Take that time to shower, read, meditate, or anything that will calm your mind. Even look outside the window and see if you can people watch (and pray the windows are tinted). It’s important for us to unplug everyday and especially if we are on vacation.



More Ideas


Spa – If you’re really feeling extravagant then head over to spa. Some hotels have spas attached to them but if yours doesn’t then find one near you. Don’t be afraid to go out of the way for yourself. Get your nails done, massage, whatever your heart desires. You’re on vacation after all!


Excursion – Remember when you Googled sights near by? Decide where you want to go and take an Uber. They’re cost efficient and there’s no cash handling involved so all you need to do is get chauffeured around like the luxurious lady you are (or man). I’m a cafe addict so I always find the closest local cafe and grab a soy latte.


Hotel Restaurant – Throw on that nice outfit you packed and head to the hotel restaurant. Do not be afraid to go alone. Pretend you are on business if you feel uncomfortable (which you shouldn’t). Or you can always call up a friend or partner and go with them!

Have you ever had a staycation? What are somethings you like to do in order to, “get away from it all” ? Share in the comments! 

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