How To Survive As A Travelling Vegetarian

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As you guys already know I am a vegetarian. I have been for 10 years now and travelling really has tested my willpower. Not the willpower to eat meat but the willpower to not have a mental breakdown in public out of hunger and jet lag. You really don’t know who you are until you are in a foreign place completely helpless with no food.

I think when I was 18, Japan was the first real test of my sanity. Everything had fish in it so I would end up at a 7/11 eating these buns I found on a rack near the back. And then the ice cream.. All I did was eat ice cream. I wasn’t to smart back then! I was still scared of food (I was just accepting fruits and veggies) so carbs and ice cream it was.

But now being a seasoned traveller who has saved myself from starvation a few times! I have some helpful tips so you can avoid starving as a vegetarian abroad yourself. Because half the fun of travelling is eating!


How To Avoid Starving As A Vegetarian Abroad


Pre-plan – If you’re going somewhere that you don’t know the language then it is alway’s good to be prepared and have some vegetarian safe restaurants you can go to. Make sure they say vegan at some places because while I was in Italy most vegetarian dishes had fish in it for some reason. So for me it’s best to type in vegan on Google because I don’t like dairy and even if it says vegetarian I will pick at it and convince myself it’s meat. I’m kind of a nut case. I finally just stopped ordering veggie burgers because at some places I can’t tell if it’s mushroom or beef!

Snack – You all know I love my snacks. I’m pretty sure it’s my snacking on peanut butter 20X’s a day that’s preventing me from losing that last 5 pounds but oh well. My lifesavers are Cliff Bars when I am travelling. I go to Costco before a long trip and buy a giant box (or two) and bring that with me. And by me I mean put in Aaron’s backpack because mines too full.

Stay hydrated – The first step to hanger is being thirsty. You can never drink to much water while travelling so always find some. Bring your own bottle or buy one at a convenience store.

In Europe – To find snacks and meals always find a grocery store. You will save so much money and find a lot more options. When you go into a convenience or random side store in Europe I rarely have luck when trying to find a healthy snack. So stick to grocery stores and stock up on fruits, pre made dishes, nuts and health bars.

Stay in main areas – When you’re in main areas the restaurant and cafe owners know there is high traffic which means a higher diversity of diets so you should always be able to find a vegetarian options. Even if it is a margarita pizza or a tomato and mozzarella baguette (I hate these..).

Carry a backpack or large purse – If you see something and tell yourself you’ll go back later while travelling I can almost guaranteed you you will probably not be going back. I know I say it all the time when I see some delicious food at a market or store and tell myself I’ll go back. Just save yourself a U-Turn and get it then. And if you’re hungry eat it then so you don’t have to carry it. I saw little almond milks once and strawberries so I put them in my purse and had a delicious snack before dinner!

Cafe’s are safer – I don’t know why but I can usually find vegetarian options at cafes easier than at a restaurant in some countries. Maybe it’s because I get sick of plain salads and the only other option is a pasta. Also most cafes have soy milk or almond milk these days as well so give it a try if you like your soy lattes like me! And if they don’t just buy some at a grocery store and pour it in yourself.

If you feel yourself starting to get hungry – Eat then. Find a snack and eat. And then go find yourself a proper meal.




What are some of your survival tips? What do you guys want more of? Travel? Lifestyle? Food? Specific destinations? I want to hear your option! Leave what you’d like to see more of in the comments <3

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    May 31, 2016 at 11:07 am

    These tips are so cool and I think most of them apply even if I’m not vegetarian. Thanks for sharing!


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      The Fernweh Wolf
      June 19, 2016 at 11:32 am

      Thanks for commenting!! I’m glad you found them useful 😀


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