How To Conquer 2016 Like A Boss

Another New Years post.. how original.


But in all truth I love reading New Years posts!


I find them motivating, inspirational and remind you that anything can happen when the calendar starts fresh.


Fresh year, fresh you, fresh outlook and fresh determination. I love it!


But what I love about New Years posts the most is that they are all about making this your best year yet! I mean why wouldn’t you want to know how to conquer 2016 like a boss and prove to yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to?


I know I’m going to do my best and here’s some tips on how!


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Step 1 :

Set Goals – Without some plan in mind you’re pretty much just running around aimlessly trying to figure your life out. I feel like it’s when you go into a room and suddenly you forget why you’re there. Without goals you’re making steps that don’t really have an end game. If you have an end goal in mind it will be much easier for you to stay on track!



Step 2 :

Make Daily Goals – And weekly and monthly. Setting small goes though out the day and the week will give you little accomplishments and keep you motivated. How more likely are you to finish something if you see it written down? A little check mark and suddenly you’re looking pretty good!



Step 3 :

Invest In A Day Planner – Pick out a fancy one or something that really grabs your eye. If you like it you’ll be more inclined to use it! Get it small enough to carry around so when inspiration hits you can write it down but large enough that you can actually make some large goals without having to use 5 pages.



Step 4 :

Create A Timeline – Now that you have your goals written out and sitting beside you it’s time to make a logical time frame. Start carving out time to complete specific tasks as well. They key isn’t to multitask but focus on one thing at a time so your not drowning in 10 projects never completing any of them so don’t overwhelm yourself. You’re going to do good!



Step 5 :

When You Feel Like Bailing Don’t – If we don’t leave our comfort zones we’ll never move from the spot we’re in. You can’t expect change while staying in the same place and can’t expect things to turn out differently if you continue to do the same things you have been doing. So when you start getting scared its time to push back and try that much harder! Great things are about to happen for you

I hope everyone has a great New Years! What are some of your New Years goals? Any grand ambitions for yourself? Share in the comments and don’t forget to Subscribe! 

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  • Reply
    My Lovelier Days (@mylovelierdays)
    January 2, 2016 at 10:59 am

    Such simple but helpful tips! I need to start using my planner, and I definitely have to make a list of goals, otherwise I’ll be so lost!


    • Reply
      January 4, 2016 at 6:50 pm

      Thank you! It’s so easy to get off track and before you know it days have gone by and you haven’t done anything. Im guilty :p Thanks for the comment and great blog!


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