How To Enjoy Your Last Travel Day

Enjoying your last travel day isn’t always easy. Most of the time you are bittersweet about it. It’s exciting to go home but really, it feels like you just got there! How time flies. Having had so many last travel days I kind of realize that the best way to enjoy it is to relax and reflect.

On our last day in Victoria I knew I would miss it. The food, the mountains, the beaches and the warm summer air.. I live in Edmonton Alberta which isn’t that spectacular. So going home from Victoria, a place where you have beaches, mountains and amazing food was so hard! On our last day before our flight at 4pm we decided to enjoy our last travel day and relive some of our favourite places!

We ate at our new favourite restaurant, Jam Cafe, and headed to the beach to chase a cargo ship. After we went looking for turtles that were supposedly clustering on a log in some park. After all that we headed back to the apartment, grabbed our things, and headed to the airport.

So to enjoy your last travel day is quite simple..

Go back to your favourite spots where you know you will be dreaming about and explore that one new bit of area to take home with you before you leave. Whether it’s trying that one cafe before you leave or seeing that one building you have had pinned away in your travel folder go and see one more new thing. Don’t stress that you haven’t seen or done enough because you never will see it all. People who have lived there all their lives have probably never seen all of it just as you probably haven’t seen all of your home town.

They best thing you can do is pack your bags the night before, get up early, have a nice breakfast, find that one place you love, find that something new, take it all in, an leave knowing you can come back.

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This is what love looks like.. 

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We had a perfect last travel day in Victoria and I hope you have a perfect last travel day where ever you are! What are your last travel day rituals? Do you try to get more done or just relax? Do you find it bittersweet or just bitter? 


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