How To Get Over Your Resolution Slump

New Years was just over two weeks ago and you can already feel it. We have a million ideas and hungry ambitions but for some reason we’re having a resolution slump. I don’t know if I’m the only one feeling it, probably not, but I went into 2017 with such a blaze I truly felt unstoppable. Somehow that blaze has turned into a measly candle and I find myself searching for that energy again. I say this after I got back on the treadmill for the first time since China (yay me!) but I’m pretty tired mentally as well. I still have the same ambition and things have actually really taken off here which I’m super stoked about but all the same, I’m drawing a blank on the next step. It’s okay to get burned out once in a while as long as it’s quick! Here’s how to get over that resolution slump to keep crushing your 2017 goals:


Get lots of sleep – This might go against my 5AM ritual but sometimes you just have to let your body guide you. If you’re feeling sluggish and unmotivated chances are you might but be tired. This is especially true if you’ve cleaned up your eating and started working out. Allow yourself a goodnights rest and pick yourself up in the morning 🙂

Make a list – It’s easy to make resolutions and goals but it’s another to stick to them. Those who make lists are more likely to stick with their resolutions because it’s right in front of them. It exists in real life, not just in their head. So grab a notebook and write your goals down and keep it somewhere you can look at it regularly. It’s important to get it out and visualize!

Seek inspiration – The hard part about being creative and wanting to work on things is that when we stick to one project our creativity begins to fizzle. It’s like eating the same meal all day everyday. You’re bound to get bored and a little sad right? Find new ways to get inspired and switch up your routine. This doesn’t mean stop working on your project but it could give you a new perspective. Music videos, books and blogs are a create source of inspiration!

Eat some dark chocolate – Dark chocolate that’s preferably over 75%. Dark chocolate has antioxidants, can improve blood flow and lower your blood pressure. It also improves brain function! Chocolate also contains this stuff called phenylethylamine (fancy) which is the same chemical your brain creates when it’s in loveeeeee. This explains why I feel 90% happier when I’m eating some!

Relax a little – It’s as they say, when you do too much when you’re unaccustomed to it, you’re bound to get worn out. Think of goal getting as working out. If you’ve barely worked out and then go bananas six days a week you’re not going to last long. So let yourself breathe and you’ll be over your resolution slump in no time!



Thanks for reading! Are you feeling the slump? Leave a comment if you are!

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