How To Have A Relaxing Morning And Why It’s So Important

How To Have A Relaxing Morning

With our go go world and our workaholic attitudes we can wear out of minds and bodies pretty quick. In North America we are so busy we never really sit down to enjoy our meals, or our time, because we are always stressing we are not doing enough. As someone who stresses themselves out daily I am constantly reminding myself to calm down.. It’s like I can’t help myself sometimes! Mornings are a sacred time for me which is why I get up at 5am. It’s when I prepare myself for the day and try to start off on the right foot because if you are having a stressful morning, chances are you’re going to make the rest of your day stressful as well.


Here are some of my tips on how to have a relaxing morning!

how to have a relaxing morning

Wake Up Slowly

If you work at 8, then wake up at 6, if you work at 7, wake up at 5. If you don’t work then wake up accordingly! Sleeping in is just as bad as not sleeping enough. I like to give myself two hours to chill out and prepare myself for work. I have my alarm set to “Harp” on my cell phone and I also like to lay in bed for a few minutes before springing out. It really helps when I give myself time to wake up before I start making coffee.


Drink Some Lemon Water

Even if you don’t have any lemon that’s okay but you should always drink water as soon as you wake up. Your body has been in hibernation mode all night and you haven’t drank any water since you went to bed! Drinking water will help your digestion and wake your body and keep everything running smoothly. Add some lemon and ginger for some amazing health benefits like boosted metabolism and releasing of toxins!


Make Yourself A Good Cup Of Coffee

I’m been loving French Presses lately so every morning I roll out of bed, boil some water on the stove, and measure out my coffee grinds. For two cups I like to use four scoops of coffee grounds, let that sit for 4 minutes and then I use some Silk French Vanilla coffee creamer and I am in heavennnn. If you are a tea drinker that’s fine! Make yourself a lovely cup of tea and take a seat.


Eat A Healthy Breakfast

If I had to choose I think breakfast would be my favourite time of day for food. I love it! Right now my to go to meal is oatmeal with cinnamon, blueberries and peanut butter. It’s super delicious and gets my brain working for the day! It’s also fall now in Canada so it’s the perfect comfort food! Make yourself a pretty breakfast and remember to enjoy every bite.


Rinse Your Face

When we are sleeping we’re sweating, our hairs all over our face, and we’re caring the nights stresses with us so I like to rinse my face with coldish water and wipe it with a soft clothe. I always feel more refreshed and awake after this. And you guessed it! Lather some coconut oil in your skin to leave it looking plump and dewy. For more about skin care check this out


Slow Down

Mornings shouldn’t be rushed so don’t spring into action as soon as you wake up! Slow down and take a breath. It’s a new day and it’s full of opportunities and loveliness. Mornings should be enjoyed so find some sunshine, enjoy the quiet, do a few stretches, keep your stress and anxiety at bay, and enjoy the moment.



How do you have a relaxing morning? My laptop broke and erased all my posts, stories and photos I have taken over the past year so I’m trying really hard to be upset but life happens I guess? Have you lost any of your photos from a system crash? Share in the comments <3

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    February 10, 2017 at 11:34 am

    Recently I started paying more attention to my evening and morning ritual and I’m much more calm because of it. Very important indeed! Liked your post a lot 🙂


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