How To Make An Italian Coffee With A Moka

Do you guys ever obsess over coffee? In my kitchen I have a French Press, Tassimo, Espresso Machine and now I have this “Moka” that Aaron got me for our anniversary. Coffee is the way to my heart. The moka is not to be confused with the chocolatey delicious drinkable mocha you get at Starbucks. I was first introduced to the moka when I was in Italy. I was staying at this B&B in Florence and had free range in the kitchen. Having been in Italy for a few weeks by them I was dying for a big cup off coffee. The Europeans like to have these dainty little cups of espresso and I just can’t live with that. I need a mug the size of my head so when I had run of the kitchen I was jumping for joy when I saw this bad boy tucked in the corner.

I remember when.. DO NOT JUDGE ME.. When I was addicted to Jersey Shore and Jenni was in Florence and she was always making coffee in this little contraption. It was only when I was in Florence myself that I went “AH-HA!” because I knew I struck gold.

It had a kind of upside down pyramid for a top, and a pyramid for the bottom, and a small spout with a little black nub on top. I honestly had no idea to work it because no one was around to show me. With some detective work – and Google – I found out the top and bottom screwed apart and it was in the middle that you put the coffee grounds. Ground breaking stuff I know 😛 Here’s how to make an Italian coffee using a moka!


How To Make An Italian Coffee


1. Untwist your moka into 3 parks. Fill the bottom part with water to where the screw in piece begins. You don’t want it to overflow.

2. Fill the middle piece, the small circle one, to the top with coffee. Scrape excess grounds off with a knife. Don’t pack this down, you want it to be loose.

3. Place the coffee piece on top of the water.

4. Twist on top piece to complete the moka.

5. Place on the stove over low-medium heat. I was blasting it on high heat for the longest time!

6. It’s going to sound like it going to explode when the coffee starts bubbling up but don’t worry, this is normal. Wait till the coffee is finished boiling over.

7. Optional: When coffee is still bubbling out take a small glass, put some raw sugar in it, pour a small but of espresso over it, and mix together till the sugar is dissolved. This acts as a crema.

8. Once coffee is done you’re finito!




Hope you guys found this handy! I loveee making these in the morning it takes me back to Florence! Don’t forget to add Fernweh on Instagram or Bloglovin


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