How To Pack Like A Fashion Blogger

I don’t know when I turned into a little fashionista but I did. I drank the Kool-Aide and as bad as that reference is I wish I would have drank it sooner! I love fashion and style. And I think they go hand in hand with travel blogging. And travelling. And in life in general. After all, what you wear is probably going to be your first impression no matter where you are in the world!

And just because you’re packing lightly (or maybe you’re not?) doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style! I used to pack all of these clothes and shop till I drop before a big adventure only to wear the same outfit for 3 days in a row. And then I would end up shopping in whatever destination I’m in anyways and just wearing those clothes. Needless to say my bag got pretty heavy and my outfits were less than “on fleek” as the kids say. But since joining the blogging world (I highly recommend) I have started letting my inner GirlBoss out and started to pack like a fashion blogger! You got to look the part if you want the part after all. Here are some tips to help you pack like a fashion blogger:


How To Pack Like A Fashion Blogger 

how to pack like a fashion blogger 

Plan Ahead


Yes advice that’s old as time but there’s a reason you hear it on ever corner of the Blogosphere. If you’re just throwing a bunch of crap in your suitcase without to much thought you’re probably going to end up packing too much and end up wearing those yoga pants and that top you’re comfy in the whole time (speaking from the yoga pants wearing master.. fun fact I don’t like jeans).


Layout Your Outfits


This is like planning but actually laying out your outfits and trying them on first before a trip is also a big helper in looking like a fashion blogger. How many times have you thought of an outfit in your head only to try it on and it’s a massive fail? Or maybe your aren’t comfortable in it? You can also see how you can mix and match pieces to see what looks good with what. It’s good to pack versatile clothing.


Basics & Staples


Fashion bloggers always look flawless and put together. And sometimes the simplest outfits are the best! Take dresses and rompers for example. It’s a basic piece of clothing but you can style it with different shoes, bags, hairstyles, blazers, etc. Adding a cardigan or baggy blazer over a nice dress gives it more of a relaxed feel so play around. Bring some basic tops and then style them up with hats or glasses.


Learn From The Masters


Stalk some of your favourite bloggers and see what they’re wearing and style accordingly. Find about five different outfits you like and then try them on yourself and see if you can mix and match. I love using Pinterest as another hub to find style inspiration before a big trip. You can add my Pinterest here if you like!



Have Confidence


As long as you got confidence you can rock any outfit so back straight my love! You can dress the part but if you’re going to look embarrassed it’s not going to have the same effect. Confidence is key! And if you want to take outfit photos don’t be embarrassed of people watching. They don’t know you and don’t know your life or ambitions. The other day I was embarrassed while taking a photo and got a nasty glare but then I realized I don’t want to be that person who just glared at me. I don’t want to shame people when they take photos and give shady looks so why should I care if they have a problem? People are still in this “shame people who are on their phone” or who “aren’t living in the moment” mindset and it’s become a bit of a fad to hate on people who like taking photos. If my food looks delicious you bet I’m going to whip out my camera and Instagram it! They didn’t sell Instagram for a billion dollars because it was stupid. It’s an amazing new digital world and I love documenting it with photos. Even the narcissistic ones I take of myself. Just sayin.. Rant over haha!




Do you try to pack like a fashion blogger when you travel? Or do you bring more practical pieces? Let me know in the comments! I hope you liked this post <3

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  • Reply
    Angela Rosita Chatharina
    July 8, 2016 at 7:04 am

    Completely love your writing and humour! Thanks for the tips, I completely haaate shopping and yes I have basically one outfit for the entire trip. xD

    • Reply
      The Fernweh Wolf
      July 10, 2016 at 8:58 pm

      Aw thank you!! Haha what would we do without our one outfit?! Thanks for commenting Angela ! <3

  • Reply
    Nellwyn Lampert (@cardinalpress)
    July 7, 2016 at 10:59 am

    Great tips! I’m heading off on a long trip soon and I hate packing so this is definitely helpful 🙂

    Nellwyn | http://www.thecardinalpress.com

    • Reply
      The Fernweh Wolf
      July 10, 2016 at 9:00 pm

      Oh awesome where are you going? And thank you glad to help, have a good trip!!


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