How To Recover After A Night Of Binging

I guess you can say my posts are inspired by real time events. I’m pretty good at not binge eating but sometimes I go against my better judgement. I usually have control over the quantity of food I eat, it’s become a habit to measure things out and make sure everything’s portioned buuuutttttt, as you usually do on Friday nights, I went out to a restaurant where I stuffed my face so much I had to go to bed at 8:30 to cope haha. It was a vegan buffet, I had just got there from a Barre Class, and I was starving. Sooooo I loaded my plate with more food than I ever had before. Bad choice. I forced myself to eat it all to avoid any waste and oh my.. then there was dessert. My cupcake tasted like cookie dough so of course I crammed that into my stomach as well..

And then came Thanksgiving. My family always makes so much food for dinner and it’s all so good. Mashed potatoes, buns, and then more carbs and then pumpkin pie. My stomach is bursting. So now today I need to recover after a night/weekend of binging. I’m know I’m not alone in this. Here’s how to recover after a night of binging!


How To Recover After A Night Of Binging 


1. Realize You’re Human – The first thing that happens to me after binging is self-loathing. It’s important to realize you’re human and these things happen. I especially think women have it harder because our hormones change once a month and we want to devour everything. Or at least I do. But whether it’s a day long binge, week long, or a buffet long, you’re gonna be fine. Food tastes good and it’s just how we get our energy.

2. Drink Lot’s Of Water – After a mental reassurance you’re going to want to do is flush everything out. All the salts and the toxins. This will help you lose the water weight and some bloat. Drink plenty of water consistently throughout the day to keep everything moving along.

3. Eat Your Fruits And Veggies – After binge days I like to stick to these two food groups. In the mornings I’ll make a smoothie with blueberries, spinach, almond milk and protein powder. Having a meal in liquid form helps my stomach not feel so full. For lunch I’ll have another smoothie or I’ll make a clean salad that’s easy for my body to digest. For dinner I’ll so the same. I don’t like to eat a lot after a binge day because I can feel the stress on my digestion when I do. It’s best to just eat clean, easy to digest foods.

4. Sweat It Out – The perk I always find after binge eating is I have so much energy. I can run for days when I have eaten a carb heavy meal. Sweat out the toxins, burn those extra calories, and keep your metabolism moving throughout the day. Try to be as active as possible. Today is the day you should do your running around, shopping, go for that nature walk you talked about or head to a drop-in class like Barre or Kickboxing.

5. Move On – So you binged. Oh well. Our bodies are really awesome machines and know what to do with the extra calories you eat. You’re probably not going to gain weight, you’re just carrying around the food weight, not the actually pound weight. You need to have eaten 3500 calories to have gained a pound and most of us burn about 2000 calories just doing everyday stuff. So even if you did eat 3500, you’re still only at 1500. A thing to remember is you can’t change yesterday, but you can prevent binging in the future. So chuck it in the oppsys bucket and move on 🙂



Did you binge eat? How do you recover? Share in the comments! Don’t forget to subscribe or stay up to date on Bloglovin. I am spending two months in China soon so don’t miss out!


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