How To Say Please In 32 Languages

Part 2  of the politeness posts!


Being a Canadian (I know politeness is universal I’m just going off my stereotype) I like to know how to be polite as I can while travelling. From ordering coffee in a random Romanian cafe or simply asking someone for help – I like to say please and thank you.


A funny thing I’ve learned from making this post though is that not all countries have a word for please! It is simply implied through their polite actions. I thought that was cool and weird and a bit daunting.


Finnish is one of those weird languages as well as Norwegian. I think my head will explode when I go to those countries because I can’t wrap it around the fact that “please” is already implied. I am a pretty awkward person and I don’t think my resting b**** face would help me but I’m probably over thinking it.


But nevertheless I have found how to say please in 32 languages below including Finnish and Norwegian because I’m not the only one who needs the word “please” so they made a word for English people.




Victoria's parliament


Afrikaans – asseblief
Arabic – min fadlik
Bengali – Anugraha
Bosnian – molim vas
Bulgarian – Моля те (Molya – te)
Czech – prosím (pro -sym)
Croatian – Molim
Chechen – Девзина хаза хета (dev – zeen – khaz – khaet)
Dutch – alsjeblieft (AHL-stu-BLEEFT)
Danish – be om
French – S’il vous plaît (see – vu -play)
Finnish – Ole hyvä (the makeshift word) 
Greek – παρακαλώ (parakaló)
German – bitte
Hebrew – bevekshah
Hungarian – Kérlek (key – lek)
Italian – per favore
Indonesian – silahkan
Japanese – お願いします(Oh – knee – gashi – mass)
Korean – ju – seyo (when you want some something) or jeh – bahl
Kurdish – Bê zehmet
Mandarin – Qîng ( Ching)
Mongolian – YY – ÜÜ
Nepali – कृपया (Kr̥payā)
Norwegian – vennligst
Portuguese – por favor
Spanish – por favor
Romanian -Vă rog
Russian – пожалуйста (pa – zou -sta)
Thai -Krunã (kah – ruhn – ah)
Turkish – Lütfen
Vietnamese – làm ơn

I hope you liked these style posts! I know I had fun making them there are so many languages out there! Have you ever tried speaking another language and messed up? I remember trying to order ice cream in Japan and completely botched the flavour. Share your comments below! 

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