How To Stay Healthy While Travelling

Hello Everyone!!


So as some of you may know I will be leaving to Europe very very soon.


I cannot tell you how happy I am to finally be back in such an amazing place. Like seriously, I am acting like a nut bar jumping up and down and twitching out because I cannot WAIT. And then after this trip I have another trip planned and then another sneaky trip and maybe another? Who knows? I doooo..


The problem with Europe though, like any country or city or bakery in my path, is I love to eat everything. I go full 16 year old in paradise YOLO-ing around till finally I get home and I have this giggly tummy that I am less than pleased with. Do I regret anything? Absolutely not.


If anything I am more upset about the fact that I didn’t eat enough. I have been romancing croissants in Paris in my mind for about a month now, not to mention macaroons and maybe some churros (can any of you guess what place I’m going to in Europe that might have churros?) So you can imagine how the flood gates of food is about to happen as soon as I get off that plane.


But as I travel more and more I have found out what works for me when it comes to eating and not blowing up like a cream puff for when I get home. It’s a lot easier to stay healthy while travelling that you might think it is!


How to stay healthy while travelling



How To Stay Healthy While Travelling


First off: Walking. Walking may burn little calories but you need calories to function. There’s this huge misconception about calories and weight. Yes the more calories you eat the more weight you are going to gain but when you look at yourself are you looking at weight.. or fat? When you walk at a moderate pace your body doesn’t burn a ton of calories, because it is burning your fat instead. So walk walk walk!



Second: Moderate portions. Learn to nibble. My cousin, if you’re reading this I love you, but my cousin is the worst. She will buy a case of different kinds of donuts, take a bite of each, and then leave them out for other people to eat. And that is her system. She will have a few bites and them pass off the food to someone else. It’s quite cruel actually for the rest of us who are left staring at 12 different kinds of donuts in front of us but it is smart. And if you love one then eat it all!


So when you are travelling, instead of getting a giant thing of ice cream get one or two flavorous and savour them. You can split them with whoever you’re with (unless it’s kindersuprise flavour then no sharing) and cut down the calories that way.



Third: dun dun dun.. exercise. Exercising while abroad has to be the hardest thing ever. I cannot tell you how many times I’m like yup, gonna workout, and then I do 15 crunches and am like nah I’m good. It’s really important though to take 15-30 mins 2-3X a week to sit yourself down and do some resistance training i.e. crunches, squats, etc. Make yourself a little circuit of a few different moves and just do it as Nike would say.



Fourth: Pick you battles. If you go to Paris and all you eat is carrots then you’re doing it wrong. You can eat the food, it’s not going to hurt you. If you eat a baguette and a croissant for breakfast then maybe you should salad it up for lunch and then decide how you’re feeling for dinner. Protein and vegetables are always a good option for dinner so if you are going out then find something along those lines otherwise, if you see a pizza and you want it? Get the pizza.



Fifth: Don’t eat out. When you’re abroad cook your own food. Make some oatmeal with berries for breakfast, a salad for lunch and then head out for dinner or make your own dinner. It saves you money, added butter and salt, and you have more control over your portions. This gets tricky with hotels but that’s why I choose salads because you don’t need to cook them. Hotels usually come with a fridge and so do most hostels.



Sixth: Stretch it out. Every morning and night do some light stretches to keep your muscles performing at their best. Stretching also lightly tones so it’s great to add to your daily routine! And it just feels good so there’s that too.



I hope you found this post somewhat useful! How do you stay healthy while travelling? Any tips for us? Don’t forget to Subscribe or follow the journey on Instagram! 


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