I Don’t Think I Want To Be A Travel Blogger Anymore

It’s funny. When I first started blogging I was dead set on being a travel blogger. I mean that’s the thing right? The kind of blogger we all want to be? As I blog more though I’ve slowly been realizing that maybe this isn’t my main focus anymore (as you guys can tell from my recent posts). I am so much more than just a travel blogger. Through my two years of being a travel blogger I have discovered I have this love for well-being, something that I’ve always been quite passionate about but never took it seriously. And what I mean when I say well-being is I think its important to love yourself and to treat yourself and to take care of yourself. Since I have been in China for over a month now it’s kind of like I’ve had this clarity. I’ve done the whole “roughing it” travel but as I’ve gotten older I have grown to love the “treat yourself” side of travelling.


So I guess being a travel blogger isn’t my main focus anymore. Travelling is great and I plan to travel throughout my life but I need something else. I miss being home and I miss cooking my own food. I miss being able to workout without a bloated stomach too. I gain about 5-10 pounds every time I travel (I have no metabolism) and I guess I’m kind of tired of that? And I really like treating myself to a Free People dress here and there or that 5$ coffee everyone complains about. I miss taking care of my body and feeding it nutritious and colourful food. And I miss those days where I treat myself to an Indian buffet because it was all guilt free.


“Travelling shouldn’t be used as an escape from

reality but should be used to enhance

your reality.”


I think I want to travel in shorter trips from now on. Two weeks here, 3 weeks there, maybe 10 days somewhere tropic or find a sweet flight deal to Paris and spend a weekend there. I think I got caught up in this world where I need to be travelling 24/7 in order to be living the dream. And maybe that was my dream. But now I think the dream is to find a new apartment that allows dogs (I want a puppy!) and I want to get back into shape and a meal routine. I know routine is the “death to creativity” but that doesn’t mean every aspect of your life has to be a routine. There’s nothing wrong with short travel trips and it’s weird for me to realize this now. I used to scoff at the idea of only travelling for 2 weeks but now I think there’s something too it.


Because of my old job I feel like I was using travelling as an escape. Something I did to run away from my life. Being a travel blogger seemed like a good way to hide all my problems. You know, fake it on Instagram (although I don’t think I ever really faked it) and make it seem like everything’s fine. But travelling shouldn’t be used as an escape from reality, it should be used to enhance your reality.


So for once in my life I’m excited to be home because I have so many exciting things planned. In the country and out of it. I was planning on moving to New York in April but as we all know that might prove difficult because I would be an immigrant. But I’m trying to look at it positively. Everything happens for a reason so life must have something planned for the New Year!


It’s weird telling myself that I don’t want to be a travel blogger anymore. I just want to do me and let things happen as they will. I’ve spent so much time stressing out about my future when I didn’t need to be. I have this bad habit of taking on too many projects at once and never completing them – so I think I’m going to start focusing more. And after a rough year I think I deserve a break. I’ve finally had this “ahhhh” moment. No more stress, no more working garbage jobs, no more sleepless nights on 28 hour trains or thinking I need to travel somewhere first before it gets popular. So in some weird way I have China to thank for this. China’s proven to be harder than I imagined but through heart ache and exhaustion some goodness came out it.


Can’t wait for the next adventure! Make everyday count <3




What do you guys think? Am I settling? I don’t think I am but maybe you guys have some thoughts? Share in the comments or don’t be afraid to send me an email! Follow the adventure on Instagram and Bloglovin <3


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  • Reply
    December 1, 2017 at 1:24 pm

    I only just started reading your blog and it’s insane how fast you can change from blogging. Last year, I thought I wanted to be a lifestyle blogger and I realized I HATED it. Having to write about every day mundane things (like what I eat, how I sleep, how to make a cup of coffee lololol) for followers and page views? I miss writing for fun! I now write what I want to. I sort of consider myself a “creative lifestyle” blog instead.

  • Reply
    Margaux White
    December 22, 2016 at 2:45 am

    I think you’re quite mature to have taken this decision – you don’t need to be reduced to a single category (travel blogger). Travelling even if a wonderful adventure actually requires time and genuine yearning to fully appreciate it. It’s completely normal to eventually miss home and crave for a more stable lifestyle 🙂 it’s happening to me after four years away, I just want a place I can call home and take some rest before future short trips x


  • Reply
    December 12, 2016 at 11:01 am

    This is a lovely and brave post. Travel blogging certainly looks like the dream but I think we’re all coming round to the idea that reality isn’t quite what we see on Instagram. I don’t think you’re settling at all – you’ve given it a real go and have decided that it isn’t what you really want (perhaps the reality of it isn’t what anyone wants!) xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy


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