I’m Scared of Flying; 10 Tips To Calm Your Fears

On my flight home from Vancouver, as we were flying over the mountains, my anxiety started jolting me when I looked out the window as we hit small bumps of turbulence. A little while later the ground below us was masked with dark grey clouds. Within minutes the seatbelt sign went on and the captain made an announcement.


“We will be hitting severe turbulence.”


My heart sank. He also mentioned that another pilots who had just landed said it was a bumpy landing so we should brace ourselves for an early decent.


It was awful. While I have flown on one flight who’s turbulence was worse than that, hitting pockets of air and having that “drop” feeling, I couldnt help but squeeze Aaron’s hand trying to stay calm.


I’m scared of flying.


You might think of this as strange coming from someone who wants to travel the world at every given minute but it’s true. I’m terrified. But what choice do I have?


I can either live in fear of the unknown and never get on a plane and miss out on seeing the world or I can be brave and get on the plane.


i'm scared of flying



Here are 10 tips for nervous flyers:



1.  Flying is the safest way of transportation. The close first is escalators and elevators. Pilots and hostesses are drilled with every possible emergency scenario and know what to do


2.  Distract yourself. Play a game or watch a movie. Something to let your mind wander


3.  Sit in the aisle seat. I know we all love to look out the window to see how pretty it is but I always find I’m less nervous without the constant reminder that we’re in the air


4.  Look at turbulence like bumps in the road; like gravel or pot holes. How many times have you hit a pot hole and gone “stupid hole” without thinking you’re in danger?


5.  Let the air hostesses know you’re a nervous flyer. When I was 18 and flew to Australia solo for the first time I didn’t even need to tell the hostess I was scared. I was so confused as to when we boarded, how do I transfer to my next flight, ect. that I asked the lady behind the counter and she asked me my name and wrote it down. When I got to my seat I was stuck in the aisle seat by a lady in a pink track suit and across the aisle from three very loud ladies. Next thing I knew a host came and asked if I would like to sit somewhere else and put me in the back behind the wing where no one was around. It was a half empty flight and I had the back to myself. He sat with me for take off and then came back with headphones and snacks. They checked on me pretty often to see how I was doing. I was extremely grateful for the extra attention


6.  Get noise cancelling headphones or listen to music. I find it easier to fly when I’m in my own world absorbed into music or just my thoughts.


7.  Think of the pilots and air hostesses. They do this for a living. They went to school, applied for the job, and spend their days on an airplane. They aren’t scared or worried at all because it is that safe that they made flying into their career. That always comforts me when I get anxious.


8.  Be with someone who you trust. Flying with Aaron has helped me because he isn’t scared of flying and always holds my hand during take off and landing because he knows it comforts me.


9.  Don’t drink coffee before a flight. It had been proven that caffeine makes you more nervous


10.  Sit near the wing or near the front. Turbulence is worse at the back of the plane so when you check in your bags at the front desk ask the person if you can have a seat near the front because you are a nervous flyer or pre book your seats online.




Are you scared of flying? What are your flying remedies? Any tricks you have to help you stay calm? Sharing is caring!

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  • Reply
    April 30, 2015 at 5:51 pm

    I’m scared of flying too, but that fear never goes completely away. I find that when I sit near the wing and chose and aisle seat that helps, as you mentioned. I also like to remind myself that these are routine flights and happen almost every day, so that helps easy my worries. 🙂


    • Reply
      May 4, 2015 at 8:48 pm

      Those help me to :] Just trying to think that airlines do this all day everyday really helps the nerves :]

  • Reply
    Capt Tom Bunn LCSW
    April 28, 2015 at 6:35 pm

    As both an airline captain (now retired) and a licensed therapist, I have specialized in the treatment of flight phobia for over thirty years, and developed amazingly effective new methods. These are detailed in my book “SOAR: The Breakthrough Treatment for Fear of Flying,” recently named Amazon Editors’ 2014 Favorite Book. A great free app is available at http://www.fearofflying.com/app that measures turbulence and scientifically proves it is well within the planes’ capabilities.

  • Reply
    April 28, 2015 at 12:44 am

    I’m the same. Flying really freaks me out! But I agree – can’t live your life based on fear.

    I once read that pilots look over the flight course before they even get in the cockpit, which tells them where they’ll hit turbulence and what weather to expect. If they aren’t happy with the flight course, they’ll go through a process to change it. Also, my friends brother is a pilot, and she told me that he receives data from the bureau about the weather conditions before every flight. So I always think, I’m in safe hands.

    Chalsie x

    • Reply
      April 29, 2015 at 9:08 pm

      Mhm! I always try to think of all the great things we are going to do when we land.

      That’s really good to know! I read an article from a host going through school and he said their training is intense and mostly focuses on safety (of course). They prepare for things that have happened and that are impossible to happen but train anyway.

      I’m really glad you said that I didn’t know they review the weather data, I always thought the bureau called the shots on flight conditions. That’s definitely an extra reassurance 🙂

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