How To Keep Your Immune System Strong While Travelling

On the plane while someone’s coughing up a storm as you hold your breath until you deem it safe enough to breathe again.. And then for the rest of the plane ride your thinking about the planes filtered air wondering how long germs can live. Travelling takes it out of you, it really does.

You’re outside, you’re around people, you’re in crowded places, your diet is different, you aren’t getting enough vitamins and you aren’t sleeping properly. These are all factors to a weakened immune system which isn’t good. Getting sick is the worst while you’re travelling.

I am no expert but I do know what works for me, or helps me I guess, when it comes to keeping my immune system strong. Here are my tips on keeping your immune system strong while travelling because no one wants that kind of damper on their trip.


keeping your immune system strong while travelling


Keeping Your Immune System Strong While Travelling 



Fruits It is so easy to have a steady diet of pasta and pizza while abroad because it is just so good. I mean no one travels somewhere because they heard they have really good carrot sticks. That just doesn’t happen. They go for pizza and gelato in Italy, baguettes and croissants in Paris, fish and chips in London, pretzels and snitchzels in Germany.

So on saying that everyday you need to eat 2-3 servings of fruit. Berries and bananas are an amazing choice. Berries are full of antioxidants and bananas are full of potassium (good for hangovers) and are easy to carry around.


Vitamins One of my favourite things to do when I’m outside of Canada is I like to look at drug stores and see what kind of cool vitamins they have. I’ve found B12 tablets in Budapest, tummy tea (for when you eat to many carbs if you know what I mean..) and all sorts of goodies. I found Budapest more health conscious than most places in Europe so really explore what each place has to offer.


Wash your hands – I hate when people don’t wash their hands. I see it all the time where someone has a cold and then coughs in their hands and then continues to push open doors at the mall and airports. It drives me nuts. So wash your hands to keep germs from spreading and if possible, this is just me being a crazy germaphobe, is I try to never touch anything with my bare hands. If I go to open a public door I usually use my sleeve but that is just me being picky..


Lemon and ginger – Most places, hostels, apartments, etc, all have kettles. So go to the supermarket, grab some lemons and fresh ginger, cut the ginger up and squeeze the lemon in a cup, and pour some boiled water over them. Do this every morning upon wakening and it will help flush out toxins and keep your immune system strong. Add some honey if you like!


Rest up – You need your sleep to stay functioning. When we’re somewhere new our sleep patterns are off, there’s noise, there’s light coming in through the window, there’s all these things contributing to a bad sleep so make sure you’re going to bed early enough and are doing whatever it is you need to do in order to get a good sleep. I currently have two pillows shoved in my window so no light can get in. Does it look like I sleep in a cave? Yes, but it’s what I need to go in order to get a good nights sleep.


Water Water is soooo important. I mean we need it to be alive so it’s a pretty big deal. Drink as much water as you can though out the day. I don’t know how people can say they don’t like water, I think that’s weird, but drink 1-3 Ltrs of water a day to keep your body functioning properly. You can’t drive a car with no gas or you’re going to break it.


Smoothies My weapon of choice. I am a smoothie psycho. I love them. I love them to the point if I don’t have one once a day I get grumpy. Like really grumpy. It’s like crack to me.. my body craves the nutrients from them. So when we are travelling it’s important to pre research some places where we can get healthy choices. I will always find somewhere that makes vegan smoothies and I do really think it’s a great option for people to get some healthy nutrients while they are travelling because it is so easy to neglect our health when all you want to do is eat everything in sight. I may even be crazy this trip and bring my Magic Bullet.. but we’ll see.



What are some of your tips to keep your immune system strong while travelling?



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  • Reply
    February 22, 2016 at 9:48 pm

    My immune system is quite literally the worst – and I can note that I definitely don’t follow these tips, that’s why!
    Kyah / http://www.weekendtempo.com

  • Reply
    Rochelle Fox
    February 22, 2016 at 8:10 am

    Nice tips.
    Good vibes, Fox
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