Learn To Say I Love You In 32 Languages

Ah Valentines Day.. Finally I am happy you are arriving.


I will admit I was aboard the forever alone train a few years ago when it came to Valentines Day. I didn’t sulk about the fact that I was single on Valentines Day, having never had a V-day date in my life. Instead t I thrived at treating myself to chocolates and cookies while watching The Walking Dead in black and white to celebrate the day riding solo.


It was only when I met Aaron did I get swept off my feet for my first ever romantic Valentines Day. One that didn’t involve me stuffing my face with candy while in my pjs (that’s a lie).


Something that has come from this “love” stuff is that I like to learn to say I love you in every country we are in. From Hungarian to French, to German or Spanish, it’s nice to know how to show affection in another language. It all started at a food tasting our city holds that has cuisine from all over the world. A little sign by the Greek vendor said “Sagapo,” meaning I love you and from that point on began the sickening cuteness that is our relationship.


learn to say I love you


Learn To Say I love you in 32 languages so you to can shower someone (yourself) with exotic “I love you’s.”




Afrikaans – Ek het jou lief
Arabic – ‘ahabak ( ‘ah -ha -bak)
Bengali – Āmi tōmākē bhālabāsi 
Bosnian – volim te
Bulgarian –obicham te
Czech – miluji tě
Croatian –Volim te
Chechen – suna hʹo veza
Dutch – ik hou van je
Danish –jeg elsker dig
French – j’taime 
Finnish –Minä rakastan sinua
Greek – Se agapó (sa-gapo) 
German – ich liebe dich
Hebrew – ani ohev otach
Hungarian – szeretlek
Italian – ti amo
Indonesian –Aku cinta kamu
Japanese – Watashi wa, anata o aishiteimasu
Korean – salanghae
Kurdish – Ez te hezdikhem
Mandarin – Wǒ ài nǐ
Mongolian – Bi chamd khairtai
Nepali – Ma timīlā’ī māyā garchu
Norwegian – eg er glad i deg
Spanish – te amo
Portuguese – eu te amo
Romanian – te iubesc
Russian – ya lyublyu tebya
Thai – C̄hạn rạk khuṇ
Turkish – seni seviyorum
Vietnamese – Anh yêu em




What are you Valentines Day plans? Will you be rockin it solo or with a certain someone? Share in the comments and don’t forget to follow my Instagram so you can see where I am going this Valentines Day (hint: it’s as cliche as can be)


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