Making Economy Feel Like First Class

When you walk into first class you feel like you have won. You feel the eyes looking at you in jealousy as you, the chosen one, gets to sit in first class. How amazing is that feeling? How great is it to feel to be treated as the finest piece of cargo on that plane?


And how saddening does it feel to have to keep on walking to the back of the plane to seat with the rest of the peasants? (you know I’m kidding right?)


You take your seat, pray no one is next you, and look at the front of the plane as that magical curtain is drawn and you are officially in second class.


I cannot tell you how badly I want to sit in first class. I’m pretty sure you already know the feeling if you have never been treated to the high life either. The unjustness of it all. But it’s not all dispare as you take your seat in economy. In fact it’s not tooo bad considering you pre-booked your seats so you’re not by the bathroom during the 8 hour flight.


Here’s how I tell you how making economy feel like first class isn’t all that hard, in fact it’s pretty easy if you have the attitude!


Making Economy Feel Like First Class:


making economy feel like first class


Pre-book your seats – Use that magical trick where you find a seat with already one person, preferably a window seat, and leave the middle seat open in hopes that no one sits between you. If you are travelling with someone find the seat that has 3 vacant’s and follow suit. This way you will have more space to sprawl out in. If you really want you can go for the extra leg room seats or by the emergency exit. I sat in the extra leg room seat once and hated it with every fibre of my being.


I’m small so I can easily put my feet in the pocket of the seat in front of me (do you do that?) but when I was in the extra leg room my tiny legs wouldn’t do anything but hang uncomfortably in front of me with no where to rest. To make matters worse there is no tray table in front of you so you have this stupid metal arm rest that is unmovable so when I went to try sleeping on my boyfriend I had the tray digging into my side.


Also be warned some extra leg room seats don’t have TV’s in front of them on long haul lights. I will never book an extra leg room seat again because my boyfriend barley made it out alive with my sleep deprived anger at him for booking such stupid seats.



Dress the part – Making Economy feel like First Class is great, but you have to look the part. Yes pj’s are great, in fact they are down right amazing but maybe put them on once you get on the plane. I swear by Pinterest so find an outfit of one of your favourite models, celebrity or blogger and use them as inspiration. If you want to wear pj’s on the plane after I say go full glam Victoria Secret model and get a pink silk matching set. Over board? Maybe. Should you care? Nope.


Facial on the plane – Maybe don’t go full face mask (that’s a maybe do what chu want) but bring aboard some face wipes, moisturizers and face mist. I love face mist and will never go anywhere without it because it’s refreshing, energizing and will help your skin feel refresh on the dry airplane. Some other things you should bring is a face mask if you intend on sleeping, noise cancelling headphones, and something to rest your head on like a cardigan or one of those neck pillows.


Mini Check List:

  • Face wipes
  • Moisturizer
  • Face Mist
  • Body Lotion
  • Listerine
  • Lip Chap (I swear by PawPaw)
  • Hair Elastic



making economy feel like first class


Pack your own food – When you are trying to make Economy feel like First Class there’s nothing worse than airplane food. You look at First Classes food and they are being served wine with China plates while you are being served this tray of pre heated disaster. I’ll give some airlines breakfast – It’s hard to make pancakes taste gross but 99% of the time airline food is just a big no.


Especially if you have a dietary need like being as vegetarian like myself. Vegetarians usually get rice with some sort of curried vegetable in my experience. It leaves you feeling heavy, bloated and gross.


So bring your own! Fresh fruit, peanut butter (you won’t be able to bring this through security.. painful moment for Fernweh), nuts, vegetable with hummus, sushi rolls, I even got an amazing panini from the airport restaurant to go and had that which kicked airplane foods bum (Aaron had a bun in the bottom of his backpack and we didn’t find it till five weeks later.. there was no mold.. let that sink in *insert shocked emoji*)



Treat yourself – One of my favourite memories on the plane was when I was flying home from Paris by myself and to my amazement I had all 3 seats to myself. The plane was almost empty and the staff was cheery. It was about noon when they brought the drinks out and it being Air France I got some champagne, sprawled my legs out on the seats, popped in my headphones and watched a movie in complete stressless bliss.



Extra: No one wants to be on the plane with a dead phone so charge all of your things like iPod, laptop, camera, etc. I can’t sleep on planes so I watch about 4-5 movies so I always make sure I have a good pair of headphones as well as a notepad and pen. Pens are always a good idea.




So whether you want to have a few indulgent drinks, some dark chocolate or whatever makes you feel fancy bring that aboard and treat yourself!



What are some things you like to do to make your flight more comfortable? Do you have any recommendations on how to make your trip more enjoyable? Share them in the comments and let us know!! 



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    February 1, 2016 at 6:54 am

    Thank you for the tips! Will definitely use them for my next long flight!

    xoxo, Polina


    • Reply
      February 2, 2016 at 6:17 pm

      Thanks Polina! I hope they come in handy for you 😀


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