Maya Bay and the Phi Phi Islands

On our trip to Phuket we arrive to our hotel and booked a day tour to the Phi Phi Islands and Maya Bay with the hotel receptionist. The next day a van picked us up at 7:00am and we continued to pick up others and drove for about 40 minutes to an hour to the boats on a small cove and were shuffled around into our different tours and groups. My boyfriend and I were awkwardly singled out of the group of over sixty people and told us we were on a different tour to islands we had never even heard about. After pleading and some frustration we began to think that we really did screw up and signed up for another tour. Luckily as the boats were about to set off one of the tour instructors came up to us and realized they had made a mistake and that we were with the Maya Bay tour.


You couldn’t imagine the relief.


Walking through the mucky water we set off on the speed boat and headed to the islands. A little annoyance that I wish we would have know is that there is a tarp covering the boat so it was extremely hard to see the scenery because we were sitting on the other side of the boat across from there the iconic surroundings. Instead of green islands we saw the back of peoples heads. The people sitting at the very back or the very front had the best view so I couldn’t help but be a little jealous that they got all the good views and photos.

Our first stop was Monkey Island. Again I couldn’t help but be slightly annoyed because even though you’re not supposed to feed the monkeys, other boats had dropped anchor and the passengers were allowed to go into the water and sit on the beach with the monkeys and we, the back 28 passengers of our speed boat, had to wait and squeeze through to the front of the boat where we could actually see the monkeys and whats going on.


After a monkey stole a bag of peanuts we were off.


Next was snorkelling. Being terrified of the ocean I was reluctant to get in the water but my boyfriend coxed me in. I mean what fun would it be for him to snorkel alone as I waited in the boat? So I sucked it up and got in the water. Panicky and twitchy I clung to Aaron as we snorkelled around and kept my eyes peeled for sharks, trying to stay calm so they couldn’t smell my fear. I’m happy to say I went in as I saw lots of colourful fish both the same and different as the ones I had seen in Australia. I also saw lots of sea urchins and found Dory a few times.


A quick 30 mins snorkel and we were off to lunch and showered off the salt water and ate a giant plate of tangy pasta. I scooped the vegetables out of this water thinking it was boiled vegetables but apparently it was soup and I’m an idiot.


Maya Bay made all the little annoyances worth it.

I don’t think I had ever been anywhere as beautiful as Maya Bay in my life. I felt like we were in the movie Avatar and was in complete awe of how breathtaking our surroundings were. The only complaint I had was that for some reason we were only allowed to spent 30 minutes here. Aaron and I seriously considered sneaking away and hiding on another boat and play dumb tourist. I really wish we had.


The water was clear, the sun was warm, you could hide in the shade of the mountains when the sun was to hot, you could drink beer and relax and dip your feet into the clean soft sand and listen to the party boats music. It was beautiful.


That was about as good as the tour got. They then took us away to this locally owned island thats beach was full of sharp seashells and vendors where you had to pay for everything. DO NOT GO IN THE BATHROOM. I made the mistake and not only did you have to pay but it was the most revolting situation I had ever been in. Not to mention I locked myself in the stink hole and cut my hand trying to unhook the latch. Never again. There is no competition for what was in there. Don’t go.


“Doctor” Aaron cleaned my cut, poured a shot of vodka on it and band-aided me up. It was a sad human situation where you not only locked yourself in the bathroom from hell but hurt yourself in the distress.


The thought of Maya Bay kept me going though. I made a vow that one day that I would be back with either a private boat or the party boat who was blasting Showtek. Not the speed boat tour that we took.


If you’re in Phuket then Maya Bay and the Phi Phi Islands should 100% be on the to do list. Get a private boat or seriously research the tour you’re going with or else you’ll wind up like us: stuck in the back, 30 minutes to enjoy the bay and getting trapped in a bathroom.

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    March 10, 2015 at 8:27 pm

    This is my dream trip! Looks unreal, can’t wait to visit someday!!


    • Reply
      March 11, 2015 at 5:00 pm

      Awesome its so worth it!! Feels like your in the water version of the Avatar movie :]


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