Montreal Day Two Journal Entry

Hey guys!


I thought I’d do a quick post on what’s happening lately as my blogging game has been wayyyy off due to some issues with cameras, computers, etc.


I just landed in Montreal yesterday and it is gorgeous here. I can’t believe they still have leaves falling and the weather is so warm! Almost too warm. It’s such a contrast because where I live it is just about to snow!


We had lunch at some unknown restaurant and I had the most amazing salad (I know salad, lame, but it was soooo good.. I also had du vin). The salad was blue cheese, rocket, a lemon sorbet, walnuts and a walnut compote and it was amazing. I’m so glad everyones so nice about the french and english language barrier because it’s weird but I feel like a foreigner here even though it’s my own country!


As to why I’m not blogging my camera cord is missing which is what I use to connect my camera to my laptop so I haven’t been able to do many post lately which I’m really disappointed in. I don’t want to just throw out posts without any images I like having a visual blog.


Right now I am writing from our loft (drinking du vin) which you can take a look at on my Instagram @fernwehwolf and see how pretty it is! The walls are so thin here though our neighbours have been blasting rap music for the past two days! It’s funny you can here them on my Snapchat : fernwehwolf and see. There is also classical piano being played below us so it’s quite the combination!


I hope everyone is doing well and Bonjour from Montreal! One of the prettiest cities I’ve been to in my home country of Canada!


Au Revoir,




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