The Best Beauty Products To Take Travelling

Regardless if travelling or not I always like to take care of my skin. In my twenties now I am kind of anti-aging obsessed and like to have my beauty products hydrating, not to cakey, and to have lot’s of vitamins in them! Vitamins A, C and E are skin miracle vitamins along with good of SPF. If you are short on room in your bag or just like to see what’s up scroll below for 5 beauty products I always take travelling!

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Ives Green Tea Face Wash

Beauty products don’t have to be expensive! I’m one of those people who believes good skin starts from within so I don’t splurge on expensive face cleansers anymore because honestly.. I see no difference. You’re diet is going to affect your skin the most and Ives has never done me wrong! This face wash always has my back with its gentle exfoliants that leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean after! I do like to use Fresh Soy Cleanser once in a while when I’m in the mood to splurge otherwise this green tea face wash is my to go to!


White Tea Moisturizers  

I loveeeee my moisturizers. This is what adds back moisture (duh) to your skin! When you wash your face you wash alway all the natural oils which a supposed to be there so you neeeeeed to add some moisture back! After long travel days you are going to want your skin to feel soft and radiant and moisturizers will help you accomplish this. I never skip out on this step. I apply anywhere from 2-3 times a day as I am terrified of wrinkles and want to prevent as much as I can while I can! Seriously one of the best beauty products I have.


Rosehip oil

This tiny bottle can be taken everywhere and is one of my favourite beauty products! I’m a really healthy person but when I travel I like to indulge in taboo food so I know my skin could use some extra antioxidants! I was using a different brand before but I realized it had fragrance in it so I switched over to this mixture. My skin has really starting looking radiant! Lather it on ladies.


Diors Tinted Moisturizer

I don’t go to crazy with makeup while I’m abroad because I’m lazy and get annoyed with reapplying it. 90% of the time I don’t wear any but when I do I opt for tinted moisturizers! They make for fast application and can contain SPF which is awesome for warmer destinations! Tinted moisturizers can also be built up and used with concealers so I highly recommend if you want a more natural, glowy finish.


Urban Decay Naked Palette 2

Anyone who likes makeup will probably have this staple makeup palate. It is an ultimate life saver and can take you from natural to glam. I use it to fill in my eyebrows as well as highlight! It’s really all you need when travelling so you don’t have a million different colour containers or random palettes you only use one colour from.



What beauty products do you take travelling? Share in the comments! As always thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to subscribe! It means the world to me and I want you with me on this journey!

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