My Favourite Things In New York

Living in New York was my dream. I had the whole Carrie Bradshaw, free spirited writer, roaming the streets of Manhattan lifestyle in my head and I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to move there. I actually started looking for apartments in Soho only a few months before moving to Vancouver. 

Having wanted to go to New York for so long I compiled a list of everything I wanted to do and see. Of course I didn’t get to it all, there’s only so much you can do in four days, but I definitely have some favourites. 


My Favourite Brunch – The Butchers Daughter 

I originally came here for an acai bowl but their weekend brunch menu is different then their weekday. So I ordered the French toast and I wasn’t disappointed. It wasn’t as sweet as I thought it would be but it delicious, I loved the fresh seedy toast and all the fruit that came with it. It’s super busy there so if you go to one of their locations be prepared to wait, especially on a weekend. 

Favourite Dinner – Macau Trading Co

There’e a line between really good and amazing, and Macau Trading Post was amazing. I got the edamame and sweet corn dumplings which sounds gross but I’m pretty sure I moaned when I ate them. My other order was the mushroom & truffle croquettes which you know by the name they are going to be unreal. They were dusted with parmesan and perfectly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. I did not share any of this with Aaron so you know it’s good. 

Not only is the food amazing but the ambiance is super cool. One their site they literally describes their inspiration is from brothels and opium dens of old 1930’s Macao.

Favourite Acai Bowl –  Playa Bowls 

Acai bowls are my type of comfort food. Not only are they super delicious but they are stuffed with fresh fruit and antioxidants. My favourite bowl was the Pure Vida with is acai bowl topped with strawberries, blueberries, honey and granola. Nothing is better to start your day than this or even as an afternoon pick me up. 

Favourite Rooftop Bar – The Jimmy 

Tucked away in Soho, this rooftop bar is located on the 18th floor of the James Hotel. On our first night in New York, The Jimmy set the bar for the perfect New York vibes. Half the bar is inside while the other half is outside so you can take nyc at night. If you want to check out what it looks like I have it saved on my highlights on my Instagram.

Favourite Area – Soho 

I am obsessed with soho. I love how old and elegant the buildings are and how it’s a cluster of boutiques, cafes, hidden restaurants and high end shopping. It’s the artist district of Lower Manhattan and it really awakens something in you. If you are looking for some shopping then all you need to do is head to this area and start exploring. 

We stayed at an Airbnb here and it couldn’t have been a better location. 

Favourite Tourist Attraction – Top of The Rock 

There’s a million lists out there on what to do in New York, but my favourite has to be the Top Of The Rock. It’s the roof of the Rockefeller building not to far from Central Park. I would skip the Empire State building and go here instead. The view you get of Manhattan is insane. When you’re in the maze of buildings it’s easy to forget how big New York is until you see it from the sky. 

It’s about $40 Canadian to get a ticket

Favourite Matcha – Cha Cha Matcha 

I love you so matcha! This place is super cute and I couldn’t believe how nice their matcha lattes are. I didn’t even need sugar it was so smooth and delicious. It was very humid when Aaron and I went so I got an iced one with almond milk and it was so refreshing. Their branding is super cute as well.

Honourable Mentions 

The Met Museum was so beautiful. I love sculptures and being transported back in time. Central Park, Times Square, Flat Iron Building and The Brooklyn Bridge are also worth seeing but you guys knew that. 


What are your New York recommendations?


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