My Shanghai Travel Guide

Welcome to my little travel guide to Shanghai. Aaron and I spent 4 days in Shanghai and it was unreal whirlwind of experiences. We took the high speed train from Beijing and it was a pretty awesome – drive? Ride? Anyways, we arrive and could instantly tell the difference from Beijing. Shanghai had this hip vibe to it where Beijing seemed more old school. It was pretty surreal to be there.

We spent the 4 days taking our time seeing the sights. I’ve become a lover of slow travel where you see things at a leisurely pace instead of running around like a crazy tourist. Shanghai was a great place to do that. The street food, the shopping, the old and new mixed together. While we only had four days in Shanghai but I felt like it was plenty of time to see all the main sights. Here’s my travel guide to Shanghai!

the tea house

tea and quail eggs

Cruise The Bund – Surprisingly affordable and not that busy. We were travelling in the off season so maybe that’s why but cruises start every 30 minutes so there isn’t a lot of worry about not getting one. They rope off an area where you can sit and get peanuts and a beer for a price. It was $4 so we did that for a more intimate experience.

Have A Cocktail On A Rooftop Bar – There’s lots of places to grab a cocktail on a rooftop in Shanghai. Places like The Fellas, Captains Bar (it’s divvy but cool) the Warehouse and The Nest are good choices.

Eat Shanghai Street Food – Vegetarians rejoice.  There are plenty of street foods to try in Shanghai. I’ve actually curated a list for you right here so take a look. Pretty much everything is deep-fried and packed with green onions so it’s basically paradise.

I’m in love with #Shanghai 😍

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Visit The Yu Gardens – You can read more about my experience here. It was so pretty and I was shocked at how little people were in the tea house compare to the crowds flocking outside. Cannot wait to go back.

Get Dumplings At Nanxiang – As a veggie I couldn’t eat anything here but the lineup was nuts. We waited for 30-45 minutes in line so Aaron could try some of their dumplings. They also have Shanghai’s famous soup dumplings so give them a try if you’re not vegetarian.

Have A Day Trip To Suzhou – Suzhou has been dubbed the “Venice of The East” and is a must see. I’m dumb and didn’t bring my passport to the train station so we got left behind but I hear everywhere it’s beautiful. There are also places like Zhujiajiaoare and Zhouzhuang which are also stunning day trips from Shanghai.

Stroll The Bund – Early mornings are for strolling the Bund while it’s still quiet. You’ll see all sorts of people working out and enjoying the Shanghai skyline.

Vegan spring rolls, fruit and cookies. A way to a girls heart haha! 😍🍁

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Go Up The Pearl Tower – The view is awesome but everything else is pretty tacky. Apparently there’s an area where you’re “in space.” It’s around $60 Canadian to get in which is pretty steep considering I paid $80 for a tour of the Great Wall of China.

Get Pancakes At Mr. Pancake! – During my Asia trip I went a bit pancake crazy. I don’t know what got into me but I wanted pancakes. Bad. So going to Mr. Pancake House seemed like a good idea. It was all English people in there which I thought was funny. When you want a piece of home you want a piece of home. As a Canadian girl who grew up on maple syrup and pancakes I definitely wanted some fluffy goodness. Which is exactly what I got!

yu gardens

blooming tea

got swindled into buying this..

Chonor’s Cafe by the Bund 

“street food”

what it looks like when I’m dying of hunger haha

amazing green onion cake

a beer and a view on a cruise!



How did you like this travel guide to Shanghai? Where’s your next travel destination? Share in the comments! 

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  • Reply
    June 9, 2017 at 5:46 am

    What a great post! Your pictures are so beautiful!
    I’ve always wanted to go to Shanghai! My last trip to Asia I spent all my time in the Philippines and Thailand, so I’ll have to head a bit up north next time haha
    Also so jealous of all the delicious foods you got to try!


  • Reply
    April 24, 2017 at 9:29 am

    OMG i just died when I saw your picture of freshly fried youtiao!!! mmmm one of my fave breakfast items!!! Try it dipped in condensed milk, soy milk or coffee!!!

    • Reply
      The Fernweh Wolf
      May 25, 2017 at 8:01 pm

      Hahaha omg they were soooooo good. I will definitely try dipped in soy milk 😀 Do you know how to make them?? I’d love a recipe!!


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