One Day In Bruges: Waffle Sticks, Chocolate and More

Spending one day in Bruges seemed like we were cutting ourselves short, but luckily everything is quite close together so one day is enough! Cute, medieval, and fairytale might be some of the words used to describe this adorable little Belgium town!

The small city is littered with canals, more chocolate shops than you can count, or handle (trust me I tried), and there are waffle carts around every corner! I don’t know about you but a chocolate dipped waffle is always a good idea!



One day in Bruges 


I arrived to Bruges fresh from Paris with more eagerness than you could imagine. After Aaron, boyfriend, partner, or love bug – whatever you want to call him, made me watched a movie called In Bruges. He was obsessed with going to Bruges because of the movie. I don’t even think Aaron cared what was there,  he really, really, reallyyyy wanted to go there. So as a loving girlfriend would, I made sure while planning our little Europe adventure that had at least one day in Bruges!

We arrived in the evening after an awesome train ride with Thalys and made our way to out hotel which was conveniently located a few minutes walk from the train station and a quick 20 minutes walk from the towns centre.

I guess, as bad as this is to say, we kind of ruined our first night! We went to get some food at a bar that was set along the canal, you know to be cute and all, when we discovered they didn’t serve food – only beer. So naturally with our perfect spot along the canal wall we decided to have a quick beer because you know, we’re in Belgium after all and what’s more important, drinks or food? So one turned into two, which turned into a lot, which turned into meeting some awesome Guatemalans and an American girl also drinking beer, which turned into a longgg night of drinking and taking in Bruges, and beer, by the water – at night.

We made sure we seized the next day.

It was easy to see why, if you have watched In Bruges, why the man called it a fairytale city – because that’s what it is. A cute little Belgium fairytale city located a quick hour train from Brussels.




Since we now only had one day in Bruges we made sure not to let it slip away! We went to Markt Square which was bustling with people enjoying the sun and fresh market food. I got a vegetarian dish and ate it in the square with every other happy person that day.

We made our way to the Belfry of bruges, which is a medieval bell tower in the historic centre. I think I was the only one that was reluctant going up because everyone else seemed to have no problem climbing those steep stairs. I am absolutely terrified of heights but always seem to find myself in the highest buildings wondering why on Earth did I decide to go up. Peer pressure I assume.



Once to the top though you get a lovely panoramic view of the city and it’s canals and Markt Square. Much to my dismay to bell actually started ringing while we were up there but it was pretty cool I’ll admit!

After the climb we made our way to a restaurant and sat on the patio / table outside the restaurant, and I got a much needed coffee. One of the best things about getting coffee in Belgium is you get little cookies or chocolates with them! One day I’ll take a chocolate making class because the chocolate in Bruges was unreal!

So while you are there make sure you get some chocolate because there are a million little shops with more chocolate than you can imagine – It’s bliss! And trust me they are worth the Euros.. You can’t beat Belgium chocolate (I actually invite you to prove me wrong – any excuse to try more!)



All in all you can easily spend one day in Bruges exploring the canals and streets while enjoying the market square and bell tower. I would have liked to spend and extra day here just to full immerse yourself in all it’s cuteness. If you have to pick one things to eat (I’m a bad influence) then try the glorious waffle on a stick! I got a waffle dipped in chocolate honey and rolled in hazelnuts. So amazing! I mean if you’re going to immerse yourself in a city you might as well go all in right?



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