Our First Day In Paris

our first day in Paris


I’ve decided I want to keep little logs of what we are doing while we are in Europe. When I’m at home I write in one of those “One Line A Day” journals but every time I bring it with me while I travel I don’t use it. Which is stupid because that’s pretty much the most important time to use it.


Our first day in Paris was rainy.


After a sleepless night we got dressed and prepared for our first day in Paris. We are aboard the Uber train and with our “we need food right now,” lives we got an Uber to this awesome cafe called Season. I had been eyeing up their Acai Bowls for weeks now and they had soy milk so that was an awesome bonus! Unfortunately they didn’t ring Aaron’s order through so he just went into starvation mode and stared out the window like a broken puppy. Thank God for Cliff Bars.


We then walked to The Louvre Gardens and made our way to the Grand Palais. On the way we stopped for some hot wine and I got a Nutella crepe and Aaron got a ham, cheese and mushroom one. Soooo good. I’ve missed this life. The wine, the food, the amazingness.


Aaron had a perfect way to describe Paris. “Paris isn’t a place you go – It’s a lifestyle.” And I couldn’t have said it better myself. When you’re in Paris you enjoy all things. You enjoy the walks, the food, the drinks, the espressos. You just savour everything.


We didn’t end up going inside Grand Palais and instead walked to Point Alexandre Bridge and it was stunning. I wasn’t the smartest though and wore this wool/ yarn jacket/sweater so I was soaked by this point. I also wore heels.. Never surrender.


Then finally we made it to the most iconic monument in Paris – The Eiffel Tower.


As unglamorous as it is we waited in the rain for about an hour to get up the tower and as soon as we got up to the observation deck the wind blew through my jacket and I ended up waiting in the gift shop trying to warm up while Aaron ran around to see the view.


And like always my mind goes, “Don’t be a wuss,” (wuss is the nice word) so I went out and we got to see Paris before the fog took over and everything was shrouded in clouds. After that we spent the evening at the cutest cafe covered in heart stickers where we shared a bottle of wine, I got gnocchi and an apple pie and then ate all the baguette that came with dinner.


paris eiffel tower




Any recommendations on where to eat in Paris? Update: this is our last day of Paris! I broke my camera and somehow broke my photo editor so these photos are from my Instagram feed! I’ll be honest I almost had a mini breakdown.. I mean how do two of your most important things smash – and then break at onces.. boo. Hope you all had a great Valentines Day!!

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