What To Pack On A Summer Road Trip


Healthy Snacks – First, if you know anything about me by now, snacks are a must. But not bags of chips or chocolate bars that will just make you bloated and uncomfortable, I mean real snacks like fruit or veggies and if you need a salty crunch then some good old Boom-Chicka-Pop from Costco will do

Face Mist – I always bring face mist because whether your car is hot or cold the air can get stuffy and dry so I like to use Mac Spray Hydtarting mist to keep my skin feeling refreshed

Camera – Right now I use the Olympus Om-D and am looking to upgrade it soon but I love the quality of pictures so far. Just make sure you have it set to the DIS Mode so your pictures aren’t blurry while trying to take snaps from your moving car. A Fuji Instant Camera is also in my bag!

Sunglasses – Is it really a summer road trip when you’re not wearing some cool sunglasses?

Sunscreen and Face Wipes – I’ll but these to together because while I like sunscreen because uneven tans are a pet peeve of mine I also hate how it clogs my pours giving me a bumpy forehead. Make sure you wash all your sunscreen off before bed and don’t forget your shoulders!

Comfy Clothes – While cute outfits are great in theory are they comfy? I hate jeans, they aren’t comfy, so I’m always in leggings and a comfy shirt. Try a cute dress, something you can just slip and a be out the door

Comfy Shoes – I’ll admit I have a pair of platforms that I live in but they aren’t necessarily the best road trip shoes. A pair of flats or sandals will do.

Auxiliary Cord or Mix Tape! – What’s a good road trip if there’s no good music? Make sure you have some fresh songs on your iPod and jam away on your drive

Your Can’t Leave Without Items – These are the things that fit to you personally. Lip chap, lotion, bug spray, hats, blankets, ect. When you walk out the door what do you bring?


When was your last road trip? What are your road trip essentials? Any “can’t leave the house without” items? 


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