Season Cafe, Paris

season cafe, parisseason cafe parisseason cafe paris


Season Cafe, Paris 


I’m always hesitant about putting up small posts about the places I’ve eaten or little things I’ve done because really, do people care?


After blogging for about a year though and having never really found my style or my voice I’ve decided to start playing around with my blog and how I want my blog to be, not what I think people will want to see or read. As a nosy person who loves seeing what people are up to daily, what they are wearing, where they are going and what they are eating I have kind of neglected my sporadic side because I didn’t think that would be something that people would be interested in even though that’s what I’m interested in. Make sense?


I love the simple moments. The moments where you are sipping a cup of coffee in a cute cafe, drooling over brunch and enjoying the moment for what it is. A beautiful moment in time that will be burnt into your memory because it’s a moment where you sat down and caught your breath.


At Season Cafe I ordered an acai bowl and an almond milk latte that was so delicious it didn’t need sugar. I had stalked this cafe on Instagram (you can follow mine here) and we took a quick Uber to get there since our Airbnb was way off the beaten track.


The cafe was small and quaint and everything on the menu sounded delicious! Unfortunately, poor Aaron, his order didn’t go through and he was left to watch me eat even though once the staff realized they told him they would be happy to ring it through. He politely declined as I was finished eating so they offered him a coffee on the house which he was grateful for. I would highly recommend the Instagram ready cafe but maybe not the tiny acai bowl even though it was adorable and delicious!

What do you think? Spring fever?

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